'Southern Charm' Recap Kathryn Dennis Calls Landon And Roam A Fake [Spoilers]


It's only the second week of Southern Charm, and the level of drama has already hit a peak. Tonight, Landon Clements hosted a party to show her friends the progress she said she made with the help of interns on her travel and arts site, Roam. But Roam has never made it publicly past a landing page that gathered email addresses. But Landon's party is ruined according to her, when her former crush, Shep Rose, asks her about some stories he heard of snobby behavior with his friends, and potential business partners. Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis says that for all of the things that Landon has said about her, she is calling foul on Landon's business.

According to the Inquisitr, a year after Southern Charm star Landon Clements said she was working on Roam, there was no progress made, and on the site, there was only a landing page, yet on tonight's episode, filmed September 2016, Landon claims she had a party with a website demonstration. Today, when Southern Charm fans go to Landon's web address for Roam, the page is totally unavailable. To date, fans who have signed up for the Roam mailing list have not received a thing. Kathryn Dennis says that Landon never actually put together a business, but rather travels around, without a job.

But even before the party got rolling tonight on Southern Charm, and Landon made calls to make sure potential boyfriend Thomas Ravenel would attend to see "all the work she had done" on Roam, Shep was troubled, and knew he would have to confront Landon about some big talk she made to three of his friends about their web business, and hers. And sadly for Landon, there is a tape.

Shep repeated what he heard from his friends about Landon and her elitist behavior. Landon reportedly dissed the site that Shep was investing in and claimed that she "never had to pay for anything" herself. Then she claimed she wasn't looking with, or dealing with millionaires, but rather "billionaires."

These friends of Shep had done the work and had a product, while obviously, Landon did not, but she had hired interns.

Fast-forward to the party where Shep takes Landon aside to ask about what he has heard. She claims she can't win when she is nice, and can't win when she acts like a b***h. She then tells the camera that Shep can go "f**k himself," and leaves her own party in a huff.

Kathryn Dennis says that she has known Shep for years, and he "is not the kind of guy to throw someone under the bus if he didn't have the facts."


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Today, the page for Landon's Roam website says that there is no page found. At the party, when Whitney asks if Landon wrote the content, the intern says "no, I did."

Kathryn says even worse was when Thomas was gushing over the work Landon did on her website, and he said to Whitney that "Landon has great oral skills, and they both laugh like fifth grade boys."

After everyone told Landon how impressed they were, Shep asks to speak to Landon, and she says that "all of her hard work has given her a purpose." Kathryn says that Shep wanted to hear Landon's side.

"Shep said he wanted to hear Landon's side, and she says he rained on her parade, and called her a b***h, which he didn't. I just have to say that Shep is a fair guy, and a straight shooter." It was pretty rich for Landon to diss a company that was already up and running.

What do you think happened to Landon's website Roam on Southern Charm? Do you think that she really had anything to show at the party?

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