April 10, 2017
WWE Rumors: A Powerful Stable Is Coming Back Together, And It May Grow Even Bigger

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, WWE will begin its first ever Superstar Shake-Up, which will change the face of both brands and make for some interesting new/old pairings. All superstars from both Raw and SmackDown Live are eligible to be moved, traded, or dealt, which could lead to some great new matches and even some reunions. One rumor has a former stable being brought back together and possibly adding a new member or two.

With the beginning of the Superstar Shake-Up less than half a day away, many are wondering which big names are going to end up where. One of the primary guys who has been in the spotlight of the majority of the rumors over the past week is former WWE Champion AJ Styles, and everyone is curious what will happen with him.

As soon as this unique event was revealed by Vince McMahon last week, FanSided reported that all of the speculation said that AJ Styles was heading to Raw. Now, some rumors have flip-flopped with him staying on SmackDown Live, but no matter what happens, he will soon have some company.

wwe rumors the club reunion gallows anderson aj styles finn balor
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The main reason for Styles moving to Monday nights is that it would really shake up the rosters and create some great new main event match-ups. At the same time, it would reunite Styles with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, who could reform The Club, which was a powerful stable for only a short amount of time.

Now, PW Insider is reporting that it is possible for Styles to stay on SmackDown Live but have trade/move/shift Anderson and Gallows to Tuesday nights in the Superstar Shake-Up. This would still be a way of reforming The Club and give AJ some back-up.

What Culture reports that the call-up to the main roster for Shinsuke Nakamura was due for a number of reasons, and one is the likely move of Styles to Raw. Yes, the former NXT Champion deserves it, but Styles' possible departure and the time off needed by John Cena means SmackDown would be lacking star power.

WWE is said to be making some changes, but they're still second-guessing who they should move and why. No matter what, AJ Styles' name is the main one that keeps coming up in the rumors over and over, and that is even if he doesn't end up moving.

Looking at a possible reunion of The Club could bring about the idea of expansion for the stable and that really goes up if they come together on Monday nights.

wwe rumors the club reunion gallows anderson aj styles finn balor
[Image by WWE]

Everyone watching last week saw that Finn Balor returned after an injury absence that lasted more than half a year. Now, he's fully healthy and back in action on Raw and he's also a former member of the Bullet Club in New Japan Pro Wrestling. The same Bullet Club which had members such as AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows.

Metro reports that having all four of those superstars on the same show/brand could result in them coming together in The Club or maybe even the Balor Club. At the end of 2015, the rumors started swirling that Styles, Anderson, and Gallows would all leave NJPW and head to WWE to form some version of the Bullet Club.

Well, it happened for a brief amount of time in 2016, but the opportunity is there for it to become a big-time reality once again. Honestly, WWE could have a brand new version of the nWo on their hands if they really wanted to follow through with it.

Whether it is Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, a reunion of The Club could bring about a lot of trouble for other superstars. If AJ Styles does come back together with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, the powerful stable could cause a lot of havoc on Team Red or Team Blue. If they all end up on Raw by way of the Superstar Shake-Up, Finn Balor may join up with them as rumors have suggested for years and it would be an overly phenomenal stable.

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