ISIS Egypt Attack: Some Trump Supporters Furious They’re Not Seeing Enough Dead Children

The attack in Egypt against Christians by ISIS has sent shock waves around the world, but the concerns of some people regarding this savage offensive may surprise you. Some Donald Trump supporters are livid because they’re not seeing enough pictures of children who’ve died from the attack.

Christian Egyptian children going to Palm Sunday service

Why does such a thing matter to them? Why do they want to see the dead bodies of children? According to their tweets, it’s not that they want to see the corpses of children, but rather that they wish for the media to provide those images to the public because in their eyes, dead and/or injured kids are shown after every other mass murder of this caliber, so why should this be any different?

Of the people who are bothered by the lack of images of dead children, some are attributing it to what they see as a media bias against Christians and of the West, while others believe the press wishes to dampen the severity of the Egypt attack for the reason that they don’t want to be insensitive towards Muslims, given that the bombings were carried out by ISIS, a group of radical Islamists.

Little girl survived ISIS Egypt attack

President Trump’s recent attack on a Syrian military base was shocking for many of his supporters. A day or so after the strike, it came out, by way of the New York Times, that The Donald had changed his tune on Syria after seeing the footage of the affected youths of the gas attack, which he was told was committed by Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. This, of course, caused the media to speculate that Trump witnessing what had happened to “innocent, beautiful babies and children,” as he’d called them, had been the ultimate deciding factor regarding Syria.

Given this, it seems that these Trump fans, some of whom feel betrayed by him for allowing the strike on Syria, are blaming the media for influencing his emotions. Their logic, given through their tweets, is that “of course the media won’t show pictures of the little ones who died in Egypt, because that would drive him to attack the responsible party (ISIS) like he did with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.” According to their own words, they believe the media elite and Washington politicians want more war, and ISIS plays a crucial part in that.

One tweeter had an answer for this angry concern of a Trump-supporting Twitter user, noting a fundamental difference between the recent chemical attack in Syria and the massacre of Christians in Egypt on Sunday.

Do these jaded Donald Trump supporters have a point in wanting people to see the dead children of the brutal attack by Islamic terrorists against Christians? Did the media know that, after the president admitted to becoming emotional after seeing what the chemical attack had done to Syrian youth, showing the destruction of Egyptian youth would likewise tug on his heart strings? And are these alt-right members correct in their assumption that the media is pushing for World War III, aided by the agenda of D.C. elites? Share your thoughts with each other below.

[Featured Image by Samer Abdallah/AP Images]