‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Recap: Park Hyung Sik, Park Bo Young’s Characters Almost Die Together

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 14 shines brightly for the most part, with the titular character living an ordinary girl’s life, but 20 minutes before the end, it brings back the devil and turns into a dark thriller.

Here is a recap of what happened in Episode 14 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Gook Du (Ji Soo) shoots the kidnapper (Jang Mi Kwan), Kim Jang Hyun, who is trying to escape in his car. The bullet hits his arm. It, however, does not stop him from speeding up and escaping, almost running over Gook Du. The latter gives a chase in his car but fails to catch the kidnapper.

The kidnapper’s car plunges off a cliff and into the water, and later the task force fishes out the car without its driver. Gook Du’s boss declares the case closed, but the former has his doubts, as they were unable to find the kidnapper’s body.

Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) sends a text message to Gook Du to inform him that Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) is with him. Later, he informs her father, too, that she is at his place, and without giving the details, he tells him that something had happened, but everything is all right now. Mr. Do (Yoo Jae Myung) says to Min Hyuk that he trusts him. Mr. Do’s son, Do Bong Gi (Ahn Woo Yeon), calls Min Hyuk a savior.

The father and son bond over their concern for Bong Soon. The former tells his son how he always worries about his sister, fearing that she would land in trouble because of her super-strength. Bong Gi, probably for the first time, reveals that he went to medical school because of Bong Soon, as he wanted to help his sister who was born with special powers. He is doubtful that his sister will ever have a normal life.

Bong Soon, who lost her super-strength in the previous episode, wakes up to find Min Hyuk sleeping beside her on a couch. When she tries to get up, Min Hyuk holds her hand and looks into her eyes. He asks her to look at him, and she replies that she is looking at him. He wants her to love him, while she says that she is in love with him. Not convinced by her words, Min Hyuk says that she is like a little peanut who he can keep in his heart, but it does not look like he is in her heart.

When Bong Soon tells him that he is in her heart, he looks at her for a brief moment and says that he loves her and pulls her closer to himself.

Later in the kitchen, Min Hyuk sees her trying to squeeze the juice out of a whole apple using her hands, but without her super strength, she can no longer do that. He wants to say something but instead scolds her for going alone to the construction site despite him telling her not to do so.

He also informs her that her friend, Kyung Shim (Park Bo Mi), is all right, and she wants to be with Bong Soon’s family and not stay in the hospital. Also, he uses the juicer to make apple juice for her.

Bong Soon’s parents and brother come to know what had happened. Her mother is angry that her daughter did not tell them anything. When Kyung Shim arrives at their home, they fuss over her. Soon Bong Soon too comes back home. Min Hyuk drops her and assures her that he will take care of the innocent man who got hurt because of her.

The two friends have a teary reunion. Bong Soon tells her friend that she has lost her powers, and she feels strange, although she always wanted that to happen. Later, at the dinner table, when the mother hits her daughter for not telling them about Kyung Shim’s kidnapping, Bong Soon gets up from her chair, complaining that it hurts. Kyung Shim informs the family that their daughter has lost her powers.

After Bong Soon sees her friend off, who is going to her hometown of Busan, her mother has a one-to-one talk with her. She tells her that everything will be all right soon, although it feels uncomfortable and empty now. She tells her daughter what she immediately did when she had lost her powers. She lifted weights. She did what she always had done and went back to her everyday life as if nothing had happened. The mother tells Bong Soon that if she does that, she will move ahead like everyone else. She also tells her daughter that she will now take care of her and reveals the reason why she paid more attention to her brother earlier. As the daughters in the family took away all the powers, the sons were always weak, including Bong Soon’s brother.

The next day, Bong Soon reminisces her strong woman days when she was able to do certain things because of her powers, including walking home late in the night, saving someone, or helping someone. She tells herself that she will be leading an ordinary girl’s life from now.

Later, at the office, when the head of development planning once again orders her to lift the paper boxes to show Min Hyuk and the secretary that she is not normal, Bong Soon is unable to lift a dozen boxes at one time like before. Min Hyuk stops her from doing the task and takes her outside.

He asks her whether she is okay. She tells him the truth that she is not okay, but she will be. He teases her that now they can go on dates, otherwise because of her being special, they were unable to do that. Also, he tells her that he will lift all the heavy stuff for her and also open the jam bottle’s lid. Soon their conversation turns into romantic banter as Bong Soon correctly guesses that she and Min Hyuk are the same age, which means she can address him informally without honorifics. He says that she is making his heart flutter by addressing him by his name.

The next day, Bong Soon wears a girly dress and goes on a picnic with Min Hyuk. On the picnic date, they act like any other normal couple and are brimming with happiness.

The police find the kidnapper’s jacket and because of that, they are sure that he is dead. But, he is not. He is back on the screen, and with revenge on his mind, he checks the news on Min Hyuk. He later arrives at Ainsoft’s front desk after cutting his hair short and wearing glasses. He pretends to be a journalist, seeking a follow-up interview.

Gook Du, too, arrives at the same time. He is supposed to meet Do Bong Soon. Despite the kidnapper’s changed appearance, Gook Du instantly recognizes him. He, however, once again fails to arrest him as the kidnapper takes a woman hostage and escapes. Gook Du calls Min Hyuk, who is in a meeting, and tells him to close all the entrance-exit doors as the kidnapper is inside the building.

Min Hyuk tells Bong Soon that the kidnapper is alive, and before he could make his next move, the kidnapper uses the public-address system to throw a challenge at him. He tells Min Hyuk that he has 15 minutes to catch him, and if he fails to do so, the building will explode.

Soon after the kidnapper leaves the broadcast room, Min Hyuk uses the public-address system to tell his employees to leave the building swiftly and in an orderly manner. He also orders the control room to cut the power supply. He, however, is unable to stop the kidnapper from reaching Bong Soon, who is with the secretary.

The kidnapper hits the secretary’s head with a solid object, and he uses chloroform to make Bong Soon unconscious. He walks away from Min Hyuk’s office area, carrying her limp body on his shoulder. When Gook Du finds the secretary lying unconscious on the floor, he immediately informs Min Hyuk that the kidnapper has taken Bong Soon with him.

Min Hyuk uses the pendant tracking device to find that they are on the roof. He, however, is late to reach her. The kidnapper locks the door of the roof after strapping a bomb to her, saying that she has to die because she broke her promise to marry him. He hits her and makes her unconscious again.

Bong Soon wakes up hearing Min Hyuk call her name. She sees the bomb timer and realizes that it will explode soon. She cries and tells Min Hyun that he should not be there, asking him to run. He hurts himself trying to open the door, and Bong Soon screams, begging him to go.

Min Hyuk refuses to go anywhere, telling her he is not going anywhere without her. They will go together, he says. She continues to cry and repeat that he should go. Min Hyuk keeps telling her that he is not leaving her and will be by her side.

Bong Soon prays that she gets her powers so that she can save Min Hyuk. Probably because she wants her powers back to save an innocent man, she is once again blessed with super-strength. She frees herself and opens the doors, and throws the bomb high up in the air. The bomb explodes in the sky and turns into fireworks. Min Hyuk hugs a crying Bong Soon, relieved that she is safe.

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