Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam: ‘Mom-Ready’ April The Giraffe Has Something Sticking Out Of Left Belly

Thousands are still faithfully stuck to their computer screens, watching Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam and hoping that they get to witness April the Giraffe giving birth. It’s a waiting game so many of us are still willing to play, and the latest update comes with a truly encouraging sign that April may soon be entering active labor.

Last night’s April the Giraffe update acknowledged that recent updates have mostly been a case of “more of the same,” as Animal Adventure Park posted on Facebook that April is “mom ready” at this point but still awaiting active labor.

“All is well on the giraffe front! April keeps us waiting. Keeper and vet reports today have no remarkable change. Though this may seem redundant – it’s actually a good thing! Full udders, huge belly, mom ready – we just need the labor process to begin – so we are waiting for that final stage.”

As far as we can see, it was the same old situation last night, with the adage of no news being good news ringing true. April had a healthy appetite, and she did not experience any discomfort, Animal Adventure Park giraffe cam viewers could take solace in the fact that the viral giraffe was, at the time of those updates, in good shape. But this morning’s update appears to have something juicier, and hopefully, a clearer sign of active labor within the coming days.

If you noticed something interesting about April while watching Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam over the past 24 hours, the park’s staff appears to have done so as well, as reported in its Sunday morning April the Giraffe update. Based on observations from AAP employees Allysa and Joel, there has been “major movement” and bulging on the left side of April’s belly, but more importantly, a body part that may be sticking out of that area.

“Allysa and Joel both reported major movement and bulging of the belly, noting the left side – appeared to have a leg, joint, neck or Something sticking out! April consumed all food offered last night and team noted further filling of the front teats.”

Furthermore, AAP reported changes in April’s manure size from last night, which may be another sign that April the Giraffe is about to give birth.

You may want to keep your expectations tempered, however, as Animal Adventure Park’s April the Giraffe update from March 20 suggested that her calf was “moving up and sticking out,” according to Mashable. But the publication explained that that’s not a full-fledged sign that April is entering labor and about to give birth.

All too often, we’ve had false alarms hinting at a big payoff for Animal Adventure Park and its giraffe cam, with that payoff being April the Giraffe giving birth as thousands of people watch from home. As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, active labor had been expected almost since the giraffe cam first went live in late February, and in the time since the live cam’s launch, at least five giraffes from zoos in the U.S. and the U.K. have given birth. These include the United Kingdom’s Orla the Giraffe, who gave birth to a calf on Monday just days after AAP was expecting April’s fourth calf to be born as an “April Fools’ Day baby.”

Meanwhile, Animal Adventure Park giraffe cam viewers can rest assured that the park will be working quickly to get any issues sorted out, should the live cam experience downtime like it did yesterday. According to AAP’s April the Giraffe update for Sunday morning, there’s “no reason for concern,” and any conspiracy theories should be put to rest, as it was merely a “simple outage” on their end.

[Featured Image by Joern Pollex/Getty Images]