‘Supernatural’ Cast David Haydn-Jones Discusses Latest Spoilers For Arthur Ketch [Exclusive]

Supernatural is one of the most popular shows on television, and the mysterious character of Mr. Arthur Ketch is a fan favorite due to his good looks, gracious accent, and an ability to viciously slay monsters all the while remaining strangely sexy, leaving fans completely bewildered over whether he is a #GoodKetch or #BadKetch (hashtags used in the often heated debates over the topic). Since his introduction to the series in late 2016, Mr. Ketch has murdered, blown up cars, delivered some excellently chilling lines, and ridden around on an awesome motorcycle. A quick fan favorite, Arthur Ketch is a breakout character that has fascinated viewers all over the globe. The character is portrayed by Canadian-born actor David Haydn-Jones who has mastered the art of the upper-class English accent.

Meagan Meehan (MM): “Arthur Ketch is an interesting character, to say the least. What were your thoughts about him the first time you read the script?”

David Haydn-Jones (DHJ): “To put it in perspective, I didn’t remotely know the WHOLE story of where this character was going to go when I first read the three pages of sides (no script) for the part. To me, as the actor, it was originally going to be a two or three episode arc only. I did love the chance to play sort of a Bond-esque shady character on a show that I had wanted to be in for a long time. It wasn’t until I started getting more and more meaty scripts and character development that I thought, ‘Oh boy, strap in.’ The layers just kept on emerging. For an actor that is SO fulfilling.”

MM: “Arthur Ketch is a skilled assassin. How do you think he justifies his actions?”

DHJ: “I DON’T think he justifies his actions at all. He was a child, most likely with a borderline personality disorder that was exploited, conditioned and trained to be the sociopath killer, as we see him today. He clearly has very primal, hunter urges and that is what partially helps create his sadistic pleasure. Also, he has been indoctrinated by a very dogmatic organization that orders him with military precision without question.”

Actor David Haydn-Jones is best known for playing Arthur Ketch.
Actor David Haydn-Jones is from Canada, but he has mastered the English accent for his role as Arthur Ketch. [Image by Theo and Juliette Los Angeles]

MM: “What most appeals to you about the character? For instance, have you mentally added to his backstory at all as a means to psychologically get into the role?”

DHJ: “I really love that Ketch is such a stretch for me (pardon the rhyme) in every way! It’s been a huge and rewarding acting challenge. For starters, there’s his style, clothes, cars, toys etc. All the superficial trappings of an egotistical man overcompensating for something. We see that everywhere in life, don’t we? Could not be further from me as a person in real life. But, yeah, the sociopathy of this guy! It’s been so fun to do research on psychology and animalistic desires. As the actor, the RULE ONE is to not judge him (that’s the audience’s job). I need to understand him, build rapport with him, even, dare I say it, have empathy for the poor sod.”

MM: “Tonight’s episode was a big one for the Ketch character! Were you surprised by the events, especially the chance to see his romantic side?”

DHJ: “Oh boy! When I got the script I was as shocked as the viewers seemed to be. I was like, ‘Holy Moly. They are going to HATE me.’ As to the ‘romance’ part, which is putting it very diplomatically, if you go back to previous episodes you’ll see little subtextual hints that I tried to lay in as part of Ketch’s seduction. I was so happy to see in this script that it finally happened, and my ground game, so to speak, paid off. Ketch is a very sexual guy, but I don’t think he has the most mainstream appetites. I’ll leave the rest to Tumblr, haha. BUT, I will say I am happy to hear the audience picked up on just a wee crack of emotional vulnerability I tried to build in there. Excited to see how that plays out in future episodes.”

MM: “Arthur has been described as a psychopath. Do you think that assessment is correct?”

DHJ: “In terms of how healthy society would define a psychopath, NO QUESTION! Hahaha. As an actor, though you can’t play psychopath. In Ketch’s mind, he’s following orders, enjoying the hunt, indulging in the finer things in life, and all around embracing his sadistic side. The really interesting question to me is, ‘How did this guy get this way?’ We were already having some pretty smart conversations on SM before this episode about sociopathy and mental health and I hope those conversations keep happening. Not to make excuses for Ketch’s indefensible actions, but it is worth reminding the audience that he was an abused and programmed individual.”

David Haydn-Jones will appear in future episodes of 'Supernatural'.
David Haydn-Jones will appear as Arthur Ketch on future episodes of ‘Supernatural.’ [Image by Ryan Plummer/Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC]

MM: “If you google the name ‘Ketch,’ you will read about a famous English executioner named Jack Ketch who lived in the 1600s. Given that Arthur Ketch is a killer, do you think the character name is an ode to this infamous historic figure?”

DHJ: “I have seen that theory floating around social media for some time now. I LOVE that idea. I can neither confirm or deny it, however. That’s an Andrew Dabb questions. Us lowly actors can’t be trusted with the Show Bible. I think it would be amazing if true, however.”

MM:Can you give us any hints about what’s next for the character?”

DHJ: “I can definitely, 100 percent, unequivocally NOT give you any hints as to what’s next! I will say, however, if you thought you were mad at Ketch before, oh boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

To learn more about the show and the character of Arthur Ketch, visit the official website of Supernatural. To learn more about actor David Haydn-Jones visit his IMDB and Twitter.

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