Drake Thinks Chris Brown Is Desperate To Win Rihanna Back, Is He Jealous?

Chris Brown is making a move on Rihanna again and Drake seems unhappy about it. The 27-year-old singer wished his ex-girlfriend’s mom Monica Braithwaite a happy birthday on April 6. But he did it where everyone could see it – and that is on Instagram. While some people think that what he did was sweet, the Canadian rapper thinks that it was a desperate move to get the “Work” hitmaker’s attention.

“It isn’t Drake’s business, but he thought Chris was being extra thirsty by wishing Rihanna’s mother a happy birthday on Instagram,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life. “If he were a real man, he would have sent her mom flowers and a card and did it all on the low, like Drake did, instead of trying to be noticed.”

Drizzy thinks that Breezy wasn’t genuine when he greeted Riri’s mom, and he did that just to get his ex-girlfriend’s attention. The “Hotline Bling” hitmaker allegedly loves the 29-year-old actress and has respect for her and her family, especially Monica. The last thing that Drake wants to see is Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together. Is he jealous because the dancer is getting closer to the pop diva?

Drake and Rihanna

The Toronto-born singer and the Barbadian beauty have been dating on and off before. Since Drake is currently single, he is probably planning to reunite with Rihanna. However, Breezy seems to be ahead of him because the “Diamonds” hitmaker was reportedly impressed by his gesture, which she thinks was sweet, sexy and unexpected.

Awww #ChrisBrown showing #Rihanna 's mom some birthday love ❤

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“Rih knows Chris is on tour, doing his thing,” an insider told Hollywood Life, “but him taking time to drop her mother a special note like that on Instagram, that speaks volume to Rihanna.”

“The fact that Chris reached out to her mother allegedly struck a note with her. He reportedly would always ask about her mother when they were together and treated her mom like royalty,” their source added. “His message to her definitely earned him major cool points.”

Aside from Drake, some people who are close to Riri aren’t really keen on seeing her get back with Breezy. They allegedly want her to think about what he did to her and want her to move forward and not backward. The two broke up before because he brutally attacked her. They are worried about her and think that it would be best that she leave the dark past behind with her ex-boyfriend.

“They understand that she and Chris had a strong bond,” the insider said, “but there are some things you just have to move on from. Her pals are hoping that she never returns to him even in a friends capacity.”

Chris Brown and Rihanna

However, there seems to be no stopping the “Loyal” singer from winning back the Saint Michael-born songstress. Chris Brown wanted Rihanna to watch one of his shows so he can dedicate some of his vintage love songs to her. The exes collaborated on a couple of songs before including “Counterfeit,” “Cake,” and “Nobody’s Business.” He may sing one of those or his classic hits “With You” or “Don’t Wake Me Up.”

“He’s lonely. And yes, the girls throw themselves at him non-stop like the red second hand on a clock. But none of the groupies can match the soulfulness that he has for Rih,” a source said.

Breezy’s plan has been done by Drizzy before and he even did it even without Riri’s presence. During the rapper’s “Boy Meets World” tour, Drake gave a special shout out to Rihanna. According to Metro, he called her a queen after performing their hit singles “Too Good” and “Work” a few months ago.

“She’s like the queen of everything. If you want women to feel good about themselves and feel sexy, you’ve got to play the RiRi records,” the hip-hop artist told his audience.

If Drake wanted to keep Rihanna away from Chris Brown, then he should continue to woo her like what Royalty’s dad has been doing lately.

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