WWE News: Important Reason Why WWE Is Keeping AJ Styles On 'SmackDown'

Heading into WWE's "Roster Shakeup" next week, the biggest rumor has been about AJ Styles moving from SmackDown to Raw, but WWE officials may have changed their minds about making The Phenomenal One switch brands. On paper, WWE moving Styles to Raw makes sense because he's one of the biggest stars for the company. Therefore, he should be on WWE's flagship show, but where would that leave SmackDown?

Since Vince McMahon announced the "Roster Shakeup" for next week, the WWE Universe has done a lot of speculating about what roster moves WWE officials are going to make. However, the fans have more or less accepted that Styles will be switching brands. Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura making their debuts on SmackDown seem to be moves by WWE officials preparing the roster for AJ Styles' move to Raw next week.

There are many new opportunities for Styles on Raw if WWE officials do pull the trigger on the move. He'd have the chance to challenge for the WWE Universal Championship or have fresh rivalries with Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, or Finn Balor. However, it's coming to light that WWE officials may have changed their minds about him moving to Raw, which means they could be sending some other stars to SmackDown instead.

The Club Could Move to SmackDown
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It has been reported that WWE officials are looking to reunite The Club as a result of Styles moving to Raw next week. That was the intention, which would have eventually led to Balor vs. Styles down the line for a huge PPV like WWE SummerSlam. However, now WWE officials are thinking about sending Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to SmackDown instead. The reason is because of how important AJ Styles is to the brand.

AJ Styles has been really vocal about wanting to stay on SmackDown, and the WWE Universe has embraced him as the top guy for the brand. He's had a lot of support from the fans recently, which seems like it could lead to a full babyface turn for him soon. However, WWE officials seem to have other plans because they are looking to reunite "The Club" on WWE programming no matter what.

It just so happens that WWE brought back The Hardy Boyz to WWE and The Revival have debuted on Raw, so the expectation is a big tag team will be moving from Raw to SmackDown next week. Recent rumors are saying that The New Day will be the team in question, but WWE could send Anderson and Gallows instead, especially since they just dropped the Raw Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania to The Hardys Boyz.

AJ Styles Will Not Be the WWE Champion Heading Into Wrestlemania 33
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It's also been reported that Styles will be getting back into the WWE Title picture once the conflict between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt is over. On paper, Orton vs. Styles will be the title plans, but the possibility of The Club vs. The Wyatt Family could also be in the cards. Either way, the expectation is AJ Styles' run as the top guy on SmackDown will continue, but he will be the leader of a stable over the next several months.

The "Roster Shakeup" could also bring a lot of WWE Superstars over to SmackDown who have yet to work with Styles. Shinsuke Nakamura coming to SmackDown is a huge boost to the roster with John Cena taking a hiatus. There is no question that if AJ stays put, Nakamura vs. Styles is only a matter of time and that will likely be the match for both men at WWE SummerSlam. The Phenomenal One is one of the top performers WWE has right now. WWE officials will be pushing him regardless of which brand he's on after next week.

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