Video: Melania Trump's Black Jumpsuit Or Navy Blue Tank With Flared Pants? White Scarf, Bell-Bottoms [Photos]

First Lady Melania Trump made an appearance at a middle school, and once again, folks online are reacting to photos of Melania's attire. As noted in the following post from White House wardrobe, Melania was photographed wearing Navy blue, with the bulk of her outfit appearing to be a blue or black hue, which was accented with a white scarf with blue and red decorations. Certain photos make it appear as though Melania might be wearing a black jumpsuit, but other photos of Melania appear to depict a Navy blue tank coupled with flared blue pants.

Closer-up photos prove that Melania's outfit could indeed be navy blue instead of black.

As reported by CBS News, Melania and Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese president Xi Jinping, toured the Bak Middle School of the Arts on Friday, April 7. The school is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the women were entertained by girls in the seventh and eighth grade as they sang the song "Astonishing" from the musical Little Women. With the school being known as one that fosters children who want to excel in their arts education, the irony isn't lost on some people that President Donald Trump's "America First" budget threatens the arts, as reported by the Huffington Post.

However, Mrs. Trump and Liyuan seemed to enjoy their tour as they went from room to room, getting a lesson on civics and being the audience for a Bach's "Air" recital. Throughout the tour of advanced orchestra classes and symphonic band studies, Melania was able to speak with a student who told Mrs. Trump that she practiced her music nearly three hours each day. The tour of the school lasted for about one hour before the women headed off for lunch, with the Chinese delegation planning to leave Mar-a-Lago on Friday.

According to LMT Online, Melania responded to another student, telling the young lady that it was "great" that the girl desired to one day become a senator and even president. Peng is no stranger to musical leanings, with the first lady being a performing artist in her own right and a Chinese contemporary folk singer. The song chosen for the first ladies resonated with messages about the power of a woman and making one's dreams come true.
The above video of Melania and Peng entering the room and being greeted by students and adults shows a living view of the outfit worn by Mrs. Trump, and clips of the students singing to the women as they applaud the children at the end.

Meanwhile, fashion hounds online are trying to learn more about the ensemble that Melania chose to wear for the day. If it were indeed a jumpsuit that Mrs. Trump donned, instead of pants, it wouldn't be the first time that Melania has chosen to wear a jumpsuit. As seen in the below report from Entertainment Tonight, Melania wore a nearly $4,000 white jumpsuit on Election Day.

According to Yahoo Style, the red Valentino midi-dress that Melania wore for Thursday night's dinner at Mar-a-Lago appeared to have been altered and shortened when Mrs. Trump wore her version of the dress.

As seen in the below tweet from the Daily Express, the publication called Melania's flared pants and look a "mumsy outfit" that was fitting to meet with children on that day. Indeed, in those photos, Melania's pants and tank top -- or her jumpsuit -- appears more navy blue colored instead of black.

Reactions to Melania's fashion choices in recent times can be seen in a sample comment below.

"So where is the uproar over Melania wearing a sleeveless dress for a formal state meet & greet?? {{crickets}}"

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