Scheana Marie Goes Public With Anorexia Battle, Speaks Of Marrying Boyfriend Robert Valletta

As Scheana Marie continues to enjoy her new relationship with actor Robert Valletta, the Vanderpump Rules star had gone public with her past struggles with anorexia.

Following the first installment of the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion, during which Stassi Schroeder labeled Scheana Marie anorexic, the reality star opened up about her past struggles with the eating disorder.

During an appearance on The Daily Dish's Podcast series earlier this week, Scheana Marie revealed she began to struggle with anorexia while she was in college.

"I was 20 years old. I was going to be moving out to Hollywood. I wanted to be an actress," she explained, according to a report on April 5. "Thin was in 11 years ago. Kim Kardashian was not a thing. It wasn't cool to have a big butt. For me, I was just like, 'I don't want to work out, so the only way I know how to get skinny is to stop eating.'"

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"I remember stepping on the scale the day of my college graduation, and I was 102. I was like, 'Yes, I'm almost under 100.' I was proud of myself," Scheana Marie continued.

As her weight continued to drop, Scheana Marie said that her friends began to notice her weight loss and feared she was getting too skinny and losing her curves. In turn, Scheana Marie returned to eating but used laxatives to combat potential weight gain.

"I was doing any quick fix to get the weight off," she said.

Although Scheana Marie has also lost a substantial amount of weight in recent months, as many fans of Vanderpump Rules have noticed, the reality star insists that she's done so in a healthy way and claims she no longer struggles with anorexia. Instead, she's adjusted her diet and now steers clear of "alcohol weight."

"I put on weight between 23 and 26, because I drank beer, wine, Champagne, Fireball, Jameson, everything with sugar, on a regular basis," she explained.

Now, as she enjoys a healthy diet and works out regularly, Scheana Marie says she eats whatever she wants.

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In other Scheana Marie news, the Vanderpump Rules star recently spoke out about her new romance with Robert Valletta and proclaimed to The Daily Dish that she would "love to marry him one day!"

"I mean, we're taking things very slow, but I wouldn't be dating someone I don't see a future with, because that's just a waste of time at my age," she explained. "So I definitely see a long future with him. Hopefully, he feels the same."

Scheana Marie and Robert Valletta began dating one another just a short time after the reality star split from husband Mike Shay. As fans will recall, Scheana Marie announced her split from Shay in December of last year, and weeks later, she and Valletta attended a holiday party in Beverly Hills, California.

Although Scheana Marie faced a backlash due to her decision against signing a prenup before her first marriage, her stance hasn't changed.

"Even if I were to remarry, I'm still not about a prenup," she said. "Yeah, things didn't go well with Shay and I, but I don't regret not having a prenup, because if I'm marrying someone, I trust them. They're my best friend. They're someone I'm gonna spend my life with"

To see more of Scheana Marie and her co-stars, tune into the second installment of the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion, which airs this Monday night, April 10, at 8 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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