Brandi Glanville Talks About Crying, Drinking, And Taking Lexapro

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Brandi Glanville and former “enemy” Kim Richards discuss drinking, crying, and the taking of medication during the upcoming episode of the hit Bravo reality show. Radar Online claims that the quiet dinner between the several cast members begins in a friendly manner as the two RHOBH stars discuss their woes.

Brandi Glanville allegedly begins the girl chat with a positive mindset as she and Richards “bond” over their feelings of loneliness. Glanville reportedly had this to when sharing a meal with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star:

“There are times when I will sit by myself and go into a deep dark hole and be alone in the dark because no one’s calling and saying ‘Let’s do something.’ But it’s because everyone’s married with kids. I cry and I drink and I take Lexapro.”

Kim Richards, who allegedly has a history of substance abuse, supposedly agrees with Brandi’s assessment about the trials of coping with loneliness. When apologizing for her prior accusations she made against Richards related to the taking of crystal meth, Glanville allegedly had this to say to her RHOBH peer:

“I call it like it is but I’m not judging you, because I’ve been there. I’ve been in the darkest of dark places and I’ve done some s**t that I had to do some soul searching about. I know I’ve apologized to you a few times. I have no filter and I do say things that I probably shouldn’t say.”

The niceties allegedly came to an abrupt end when Adrienne Maloof interjected a comment about Richards’ shedding tears at the dinner table.