Bigfoot Allegedly Destroys Sasquatch Researcher’s Apple Orchard [Video]

Bigfoot has allegedly destroyed a Sasquatch researcher’s apple orchard in Vermont, according to the New York Daily News.

Sasquatch expert Frank Siecienski claims the legendary creature recently had its way with the apple orchard in his backyard. At first, the researcher and his wife thought it was simply deer that had been snatching the delicious fruit from the trees. Siecienski, however, suspected something else was to blame.

“I pointed it out to my wife and she says ‘Oh God,’ the deer must have been hungry,” Frank said. “And I said no, a deer couldn’t have eaten that many apples in one night.”

In order to see what was snatching apples from his orchard, Siecienski set up a camera to keep an eye on things. When he reviewed the footage, the Sasquatch expert discovered something peculiar hanging out in his backyard. Frank believes the creature could be the legendary Bigfoot.

Of course, not everyone believes the beast in the apple orchard is a Sasquatch. The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife believes the animal capture in the security camera footage is probably nothing more than an owl. Siecienski, on the other hand, believes it was Bigfoot that paid him a visit.

Bigfoot sightings have popped up frequently in the past few months. In addition to the hikers who were given a scare during a trip through the Utah wilderness, a handful of Siberian residents have spotted the Yeti several times this year.

According to The Standard, Bigfoot expert Jeff Meldrum wants to start searching for the mythical creature using a remote controlled blimp. Since most Sasquatch aren’t too keen on meeting up with their human counterparts face-to-face, Meldrum believes he’ll have better luck looking for the beast from the air.

You can see footage of Frank Siecienski’s Bigfoot encounter below. Do you believe in Sasquatch? Do you think such creatures actually exist?