Aaron Rodgers' Mustache Wins Praise After Packers Loss

Dan Evon

The Green Bay Packers fell from the top of the standings last night with a loss to the New York Giants but Aaron Rodgers is still holding his head up high. The Packers quarterback has received nothing but praise today, well, for his mustache anyway.

Rodgers stepped out onto the field last night with his lip covered in manly facial hair. Rodgers hasn't commented on his new mustache but several people have speculated that the Green Bay Packers quarterback grew out his lip sweater to raise awareness for Movember in order to raise awareness for cancer.

Several other celebrities have grown out mustaches for Movember but Rodgers mustache was placed firmly in the spotlight last night during the Packers - Giants game.

Rodgers hasn't commented on his own mustache but he has handed out his opinion on the greatest mustache he's ever seen. According to the Packers QB, Sam Elliot was the greatest mustache wearer of all time.

Rodgers said: "Especially the one he rocked in Tombstone."

The NFL quarterback got people talking about his soup strainer last night but his November 25 mustache doesn't even come close to the manliness of his preseason mustache. Here's a look at what Aaron Rodgers looked like during the pre-season last year year.

aaron rodgers

Yes, that's a handlebar mustache.

Rodgers didn't go with chin curtains last night but he can still grow an impressive stache.

aaron rodgers mustache photo

Are you a fan of Aaron Rodgers? What do you think of his mustache?