‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: A Two-Year Time Jump Could Be Coming

The Walking Dead just ended Season 7 with a bang. In the finale, Rick and his group officially declared war on Negan and The Saviors, and fans can’t wait to see how it all plays out. However, viewers may also get to see a big jump into the future with a huge time jump from the comic books that might be coming.

Warning: Walking Dead comic book spoilers below!

According to Wet Paint, The Walking Dead comic books are a good indication of what’s to come on the AMC series. In the comics, after the war with Negan is over, there is a two-year jump in time. This time jump will also likely happen in the series. Executive producer, Scott Gimple, says he knows fans of the comics are expecting the time jump and the storylines that come from it, and while the show does follow the source material, it alters it for television.

“For the people who read the comics, they’re going to be expecting this. We’re doing the book, we do all sorts of variations on it, and then we do things that are inspired by it and then we change things up with a remix,” Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Will fans see a 2 year time jump in the future?
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However, Gimple does admit that there are plots within that time jump that he can’t wait to explore during The Walking Dead‘s future seasons. “And thus we might see some of that stuff; it might not be the same sort of jump, or we’ll do that two to five years in real time.”

The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman also admitted that he and Scott Gimple are always discussing the future of the show.

“We’ve talked about whether or not we’ll do everything that’s happened in the comics, all the way up to the most recent issue,” Kirkman said. “That’s something that Scott and I are talking about all the time, and we sit down with all the producers and discuss what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it because there’s a tremendous amount of budget involved and strategic planning on how to keep the show going. We need to know these things and being able to know these things years in advance is what helps us make this show possible. So we’ve discussed everything.”

Comic Book reports that fans of The Walking Dead comics know, during the unseen two-year time jump, Michonne leaves Alexandria and begins living at the Oceanside community. She decides that she no longer wants to fight other humans, but this storyline seems to already have been given to Carl on the series. In addition, it doesn’t seem that Michonne would want to leave Rick, Carl, and Judith behind as they have become a family unit.

The Walking Dead spoilers: What happens to Negan in the comic books?
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Meanwhile, any time jump that may happen on the series likely wouldn’t come to life until Season 9 or beyond. During Season 8 it seems that Rick and his group will be focused on fighting Negan and The Saviors.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the comic book storyline reveals that Rick’s group is victorious over Negan and the people of Alexandria sentence Negan to life behind bars instead of killing him. However, this storyline may not be a good one for the show as seeing actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a cage for multiple seasons may not be the most interesting thing for viewers, or for Morgan himself. This means that The Walking Dead could stray from the source material, as it has many times in the past, and possibly kill off Negan, or have him escape the jail cell all together.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers? Do you think the show is gearing up for a big time jump in future seasons?

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