‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: A Huge Time Jump Coming In Season 7?

The Walking Dead spoilers reveal that a huge time jump could be in the future. According to reports, in Season 7 or possibly Season 8, the AMC series could jump ahead years.

According to Comic Book, The Walking Dead Season 7 is setting up for a huge war with Negan and The Saviors. However, in the comic book series, that war goes on for years. Of course, fans aren’t going to want to watch the same storyline play out on the show for multiple seasons. This means that a time jump could be ahead to speed up the process of the war, and help get the television series caught up to that of the comics.

The report also reveals that in The Walking Dead comics there is an issue that jumps ahead two years time. The issues pick up two years after the final battle between Rick’s group and Negan’s Saviors. When the story jumps ahead, Michonne is missing and Alexandria is doing better than ever. Of course, Negan is still alive but is being kept in prison by Rick and his people. This storyline could likely play out in the television series as well.

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Meanwhile, TV Line reveals that fans may want to start bracing themselves for some big deaths in the second half of Season 7. The report suggests that things aren’t looking good for the character of Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green. Green, who has recently landed the lead role in the latest television installment of Star Trek, seems to be on her way out on The Walking Dead, and fans are fully expecting Sasha to kick the bucket before the season wraps.

Of course, The Walking Dead wouldn’t be complete without meeting new survivor groups. The final eight episodes of the season will see even more survivor groups being introduced and some new dynamic relationships between Rick and his new acquaintances. This means Rick will be trying to recruit as many people from other groups as possible to stand with him in the fight against Negan and The Saviors. Of course, King Ezekiel at The Kingdom will seemingly be his main objective, but at this point, Rick needs all the help he can get to take super villain Negan down once and for all.

Actor Andrew Lincoln has promised that when Rick and Negan’s armies finally do battle, it will be epic, promising “one of the greatest showdowns we’ve had on this show since Terminus.”

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Sadly with war comes loss, and although Walking Dead viewers are expecting to see a lot of bloodshed during the battle with Negan, betrayal is also in the works. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, people’s loyalties will be tested when they are asked to pick sides, and some of them will flip flop. Actor Lennie James, who plays Morgan on the series, revealed that some characters will be switching sides in some of the most shocking moves the show has ever seen. Could a member of Rick’s group betray him and head over to Negan’s side to fight against the people from the Alexandria community?

Rumors are running wild that Carol may actually stab her old friends in the back and fight against them side by side with Negan and The Saviors. However, other fan theories include the possibility of Daryl being so emotionally scarred by his time at The Sanctuary that he may find his way back under Negan’s control fighting next to him against his brothers and sisters. Whatever happens, viewers are hoping it will be more eventful than the episodes in the first half of Season 7.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers?

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