UFOs In Canada Are So Nice, They Just Steal Sunglasses, Silverware, And Belts, 2016 Survey Reveals

UFO sightings have been increasing for a while now, and though media coverage of alleged alien activity has subsided substantially during the past few months, the number of incidents remain significant. Recently, Manitoba-based UFOlogy Research released the official results of the 2016 Canadian UFO Survey, and its findings were quite notable. As it turned out, 2016 went down with 1,131 reports of UFO-related incidents in Canada, which signifies the fifth year in a row with more than a thousand recorded cases. Even more interestingly, the report contained some unusual UFO-related incidents.

Among the most unique is a UFO-related incident that transpired in Tecumseh, Ontario early in 2016. According to the witness, an entity that could only be described as an alien came in contact with him. Surprisingly, the witness stated that the extraterrestrial stole his sunglasses, belt, and silverware during the incident, which appears to suggest that the alien was interested in Earthly metals and glass. According to a Sudbury report, the witness later produced a photograph of his encounter, which featured what the man believes is a “rip in space and time.”

The Canadian UFO Survey has become an annual project for the Institute since 1989. Since then, the organization has cataloged 18,038 UFO reports from witnesses across the country that range from simple, unexplained sightings to close encounters and alleged abductions. This number is significantly higher than the United States Air Force’s Project Blue Book, which is known to have recorded 12,618 UFO reports worldwide from 1947 to 1969. Among the 18,301 cases that Canada’s UFOlogy Institute have cataloged, 2,145 remain unexplained.

Over the past few months, critics of UFO phenomena have stated that the interest in alien sightings and encounters are a diminishing fad. As proven by the results of the 2016 Canadian UFO Survey, however, the incidents have remained consistent, although media coverage has significantly decreased as of late. Other unusual sightings apart from the Tecumseh sunglasses UFO incident, for one, could be noted in the annual report.

One of the most compelling incidents included in the report involved a commercial aircraft and an unidentified flying object back in November 2016. According to the report, the aircraft had a near-collision with an object on a routine flight. The incident caused the commercial aircraft’s pilot to take evasive maneuvers, which resulted in some of the cabin crew getting minor injuries.

“While passing through 8,300 feet approximately 29 nautical miles East on the initial approach to CYTZ, the flight crew noticed an object directly ahead on their flight path. The object appeared to be solid, approximately 5 to 8 feet in diameter and shaped like an upright doughnut or inner tube.”

UFO critics and naysayers immediately declared the unidentified object to be a simple weather balloon or a drone. Believers of UFO phenomenon, however, argued that commercial drones could not fly at the aircraft’s altitude and distance, and a weather balloon would hardly have enough speed to catch an airliner’s pilot off guard enough to warrant a sudden evasive action.

Overall, the 2016 Canadian UFO report concluded that the bulk of last year’s sightings came in the form of unexplained lights that were spotted in the sky. Close encounters, which involve witnesses personally coming in contact with the extraterrestrials, comprised less than one percent of the total number of UFO-related incidents of 2016. One thing that has remained rather constant in the reports, however, was incidents that investigators have declared Unexplained. These are incidents that are, despite intense investigation, still unresolved.

Among the more than one thousand UFO incidents reported in 2016, four percent remain Unexplained. The UFOlogy Research of Manitoba, however, maintained that incidents classified as Unexplained are not definitively authentic, and as such, must not be utilized as proof of real alien visitations taking place.

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