Report: Jude Law Dating Wardrobe Assistant Ellen Crawshaw

British actor Jude Law is reportedly dating the wardrobe assistant from his new movie Dom Hemingway, according to inside sources. MSN is reporting that Law started seeing the assistant, Ellen Crawshaw, since they began working on the film together in October.

A source told Britain’s Mail:

“Jude and Ellen’s romance is the talk of the set. It started last month when we were filming in France. There was an instant connection and they’d been flirting but it didn’t turn physical until the night we all went out for a cast and crew party just outside St Tropez. Since then they have been inseparable. They are making no attempt to hide their feelings for each other and both of them look so happy. They clearly get on fantastically well. He’s single and so is she, so there’s nothing to hide. They are just two people in love having a great time together.”

Law has struggled with rumors that he is a serious womanizer. The Inquisitr reporter Niki Cruz reported that Law was on and off with actress Sienna Miller after splitting from his longtime wife Sadie Frost but is widely seen as not being able to be satisfied with one woman. Law said in response:

“I’ve been in committed long-term relationships most of my life and I’m a faithful soul. That’s why terms like ‘womanizer’ and ‘sex symbol’ don’t really apply to me. It just goes to show that people don’t understand me at all. “I’m someone who loves to give. I’m very sociable. Respect for others is very important to me. My father often told me: ‘Be aware that there’s people around you who are better than you and people who are worse than you.’ I think that’s a good rule to live by.”

Do you think Jude Law is a womanizer or a long term relationship kind of guy?