Carrie Underwood Shares Her Weight Loss Secrets: Vegan Diet And Cutest Yoga Partner

Celebrity moms these days find themselves scrutinized when it comes to their success in shedding those stubborn post-pregnancy pounds. Now Carrie Underwood is dishing up the details of how she won her weight loss wars with secrets ranging from a vegan diet to working with what might be the world's cutest yoga partner.

Carrie, 34, has been following a vegan diet, and she shared exactly what she eats for each meal to achieve her sleek physique, reported Hollywood Life.

Underwood enjoys a big breakfast, but making a meal for her son, Isaiah, takes priority, she noted. Consequently, the country music superstar revealed that she keeps a stock of frozen breakfast burritos "just in case I'm making something for [my son] Isaiah and run out of steam before I can make something for myself."

Carrie Underwood sizzled at the 52nd Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards.
Carrie Underwood sizzled at the 52nd Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards. [Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

The songstress prefers the frozen breakfast burritos "from Amy's," and she also has been experimenting with a "new vegan chorizo one" that she likes. Beyond that passion for burritos, Carrie keeps fruit available for breakfast and some sort of cereal, such as "Kashi Go Lean or Heart to Heart."

As a vegan, Underwood skips the milk on her cereal and also enjoys an occasional tofu scramble, which she tosses into a skillet "with chopped onions and peppers." Tofu provides a substitute for meat, and she emphasized that she focuses on following vegan diet practices when cooking at home.

"I never eat meat and try to eat totally vegan, which is easiest when I cook for myself."

As for always sticking to her vegan diet when she does eat out, however, Carrie is flexible.

"When I'm out, I don't go crazy about staying vegan — I wouldn't send a restaurant salad back if it came with something like feta cheese," she admitted.

After exercising in the mid-morning, Underwood is ready for lunch by 1 p.m., when she concocts vegan versions of sandwiches. The singer likes to make her vegan concoctions using "Ezekiel bread with Tofurky, or a fourth of an avocado, a handful of mixed greens or sprouts, and mustard."

With her busy schedule, this celebrity mom always has snacks in her purse in case she's not at home when 3 p.m. snack time arrives. Carrie carries "vegan protein No Cow Bars, which I started buying online after seeing a fitness blogger recommend them; seitan jerky, and a Ziploc bag of cereal, which my son snacks on too."

Carrie Underwood credits her whittled waistline to a vegan diet and yoga.
Carrie Underwood credits her whittled waistline to a vegan diet and yoga. [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

If Underwood is at home, she spreads peanut butter on an English muffin for a quick and easy vegan snack. She's candid about the need for that pre-dinner snack break.

"I get brain fog when my blood sugar drops — my mouth moves but my sentences don't make sense."

For dinner, Carrie makes two separate meals: one for her husband Mike, who is not a vegan, and one vegan dish for herself.

"I typically make myself a vegan protein like tofu, beans, or a veggie burger with lots of veggies," said Underwood. "Mike isn't vegan, and as an athlete, he needs to go heavy on carbs, so I also make something for him like salmon and mashed potatoes."

Although the songstress said that she once avoided carbohydrates, she's changed her diet approach because she has been aiming for a balanced diet that includes whole-wheat pasta or rice along with protein and fat.

"I've been counting my macros, which means I try to balance my intake of protein, fat, and carbs rather than worry about calories."

At 9 p.m., Carrie has a snack, choosing an item that will satisfy her sweet cravings if she's in the mood for a pre-bed dessert.

"I'm not a big sweets person, but if I'm craving something sweet I have a square of dark chocolate, some vegan So Delicious Ice Cream, or coconut milk ice cream," she revealed.

If the songstress isn't in the mood for a sweet treat, she goes for carbohydrates such as toast, popcorn, or an English muffin. But she always eats something before bed.

"If I don't eat something after dinner, I wake up in the middle of the night when I hear Isaiah stir, and I'm like, 'Damn. I'm hungry!'" admitted Underwood.

In addition to her vegan diet, the country music songstress is known for her devotion to exercise, and that includes yoga. The celebrity mom doesn't have far to look when it comes to finding the perfect yoga partner, however, because her 2-year-old son, Isaiah, showed he knows how to move in an adorable video that she shared on Instagram, reported ET.

The country music superstar's son had the perfect yoga gear in the form of fire truck pajamas, and Isaiah copied his famous mommy's poses. They demonstrated their yoga routine, ranging from downward facing dog, the cobra, and child's pose.

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