Animal Adventure Park Live Cam: A Compilation Video Of April The Giraffe’s Journey Is Coming

Thousands of April the Giraffe’s followers continue to tune into Animal Adventure Park’s live cam to keep tabs on her pregnancy, perhaps hoping to catch the exact moment everyone’s favorite pregnant giraffe finally gives birth to her calf.

In the nearly two weeks that Animal Adventure Park’s live cam went live, many of April the Giraffe’s followers have spent countless hours glued to their screens. Of course, even the most obsessed follower can’t keep track of April’s progress 24/7. After all, one has to sleep from time to time, right? So if you’ve been kicking yourself over missing some of April the Giraffe’s key moments during her journey, here’s some good news for you.

Animal Adventure Park confirmed on Facebook that they’ll be releasing a compilation video of April the Giraffe’s journey as soon as she has delivered her baby.

The subject was brought up by a certain April Cartwright, one of AAP’s followers on Facebook, who asked park owner, Jordan Patch, if he would be interested in releasing a compilation video after Animal Adventure Park’s live cam goes dark.

“Hey Jordan, what would the chances be of having someone do a compilation of this journey (including hay showers of course) when the camera goes dark?” Cartwright asked Patch. “I, for one, would love to have something to watch as I’m weaning myself off of giraffe watch 2017. I know this has been overwhelming for you guys, but you’re a first rate group of individuals. Alyssa said the other day that you’re a family, and now you’re our family too.”

Cartwright’s question garnered over 3,000 likes, which goes to show how interested April’s followers are in the idea of seeing a compilation video of the giraffe’s journey.

A certain Brenda Miller said April’s evening feeds have become a part of her family’s bedtime routine.

“Her evening feedings have become part of our bedtime routine. My niece (3.5 years) and nephew (2 years) ask regularly to see the giraffes, and know that when the lights go off in the barn, it’s bedtime for the giraffes, and for them. Watching them has been a great bonding experience for us.”

Barbara Jean Imboden seconded the request and was specific about it.

“That would be wonderful. Get the hay showers, attempted escapes, April getting cranky with Dr Tim, the funny times, the lovable times, romaine feeding time with her huge tongue going crazy. I know the staff has much more important things to do, but maybe in their spare time after the zoo closes for the season?”

A certain Anita Johnson wasn’t keen on the idea, but only because she was sympathetic to the owners, whom she said are already busy as it is.

“They are VERY busy. They have a lot of other animals to care for as well as trying to get ready to open the park to the public soon. The weather has been bad in New York, with snow the other day as well.”

That said, Jordan responded in kind.

“We will certainly have supporting video after this journey! We will stay in touch with you all – it’s the least we could do.”

Animal Adventure Live Cam Update: April the Giraffe’s New Routine

As per AAP’s latest Facebook update, April the Giraffe’s appetite remains poor, as she has ignored the treats she’s been offered. She still can’t get enough of Dr. Tim’s carrot treats, however, as reported by CBS Denver.


In the meantime, those who’ve been keeping up with Animal Adventure Park’s live cam might have noticed a change in April and Oliver’s routine. That’s because the keepers have decided to install artificial lights in their pens, “with the thought that a natural light cycle of the dusk and dawn type may help entice/speed up our labor.”

At any rate, April the Giraffe may finally deliver her baby any hour or day now, so don’t forget to subscribe to the text alert system for exclusive labor and baby announcements. The text alert system will also let you learn the baby giraffe’s gender hours ahead of everybody else, as reported by CNET. And as always, you can still tune into Animal Adventure Park’s live cam below!

[Featured Image by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]