Celebrate Three Years Of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ With Double Experience On PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One

For the next two weeks, players of The Elder Scrolls Online will be celebrating the game’s third anniversary. Like the previous year, the Jubilee Cake will return providing a 100 percent experience bonus for those that partake. The event to pick up the cake and benefit from its buff begins on April 4 and will end on April 18. After the event ends, the cake memento will remain but it will no longer provide the experience buff.

Players can pick up the 2nd Annual Jubilee Cake from a famous chef in Tamriel. He is located in three different cities for the three factions in the game. Players can find him in Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, and Vulkhel Guard to pick up this year’s cake according to The Elder Scrolls Online game website. Also similar to last year, players can buy a cake voucher from the in-game Crown Store, for free to start the quest to find the chef.

“To celebrate ESO’s three-year milestone from its initial launch, the famous baker of delectable sweets, Chef Donolon, is returning to Tamriel once more. This time he has a new, even-more delicious treat to share on top of some additional rewards to boot!”

Once the quest is completed, the chef will reward the player with a cake memento. The usable item is kept in a player’s Collections menu under the Memento section. Using the Jubilee Cake will make it appear in front of the player ready to be eaten. The player that summons the cake and their party members can take a slice to begin the two-hour 100 percent experience buff.

Only one player needs to summon a Jubilee Cake for a party [Image by Bethesda]

This experience bonus will stack with other experience buffs, and players can keep summoning the cake to start the timer again, letting them keep the buff active throughout the event. As previously stated, when the event ends, the buff will no longer be available.

The anniversary event in The Elder Scrolls Online also includes Anniversary Gift Boxes. Any daily or weekly quests completed during the event will also compensate players with an Anniversary Gift Box in addition to normal rewards. These special boxes contain helpful items like crafting materials and one rare item. A rare item is guaranteed to be contained in each Anniversary Gift Box. These rare items include new furniture crafting items, Motif chapters, Style items, and more.

Players of The Elder Scrolls Online most recently welcomed player housing to the MMORPG. As the Inquisitr reported, over 2,000 new housing items and 39 homes are now available in Tamriel. Currently, houses are located throughout the base game zones for varying costs. Players can complete certain zone quests and buy houses for in-game gold or they can use Crowns to purchase them from the Crown Store.


Of course, upcoming content for The Elder Scrolls Online is garnering attention as the game’s first expansion draws nearer. Morrowind is set to release on June 6 across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The expansion includes the new Warden class with three new skill lines, the Vvardenfell island, a new PvP mode, and more according to Bethesda.net.

“The fate of Morrowind hangs in the balance and you must take up the mantle of a hero to help Vivec, the legendary warrior-poet and Guardian of Vvardenfell, save the world from a deadly Daedric threat.”

The Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online can be pre-ordered now either separately or alongside the base game. Both physical and digital editions are available for purchase including a Collector’s Edition. The expansion, by itself as an upgrade to an existing game license, is $40 while the bundle of the base game and the expansion costs $60. For a full list of pre-order bonuses, like a Warden outfit, and details on the Collector’s Editions, check out the pre-order announcement on The Elder Scrolls Online official website.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]