Sarah Palin Allegedly Turns Her Back On Wild Son Track Palin

Sarah Palin has been dealing with a few issues with her son Track over the years, and now it sounds like things are not going well between the two at all. Radar Online shared that Sarah has allegedly turned her back on Track and is moving on with her life without him in it. Right now, Track is dealing with a huge custody battle over his son, and it doesn’t sound like he is going to have his mom by his side for it all.


Matthew Loewe, the father of Track’s baby mama, Jordan Loewe, is actually speaking out about what is going on with them. He spoke out saying, “He’s hot-headed, he’s out of control and he has anger issues! He’s thrown stuff at Jordan, thrown rocks at Jordan — he’s even thrown stuff at her when she was holding their baby!” Of course, Jordan’s dad is not okay with Track Palin acting this way toward his daughter.

Jordan actually started this custody dispute back in January of 2016 after she said that Track allegedly punched her in the face. It was also reported that Track Palin allegedly threatened to shoot himself in the face. He was charged with assault, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime and possessing a weapon while intoxicated, but the first two charges against Palin were dropped.

Track Palin’s lawyer admitted at the time that he needed some help with his alcohol issues. Mathew says that whatever he is doing isn’t helping, though. He shared the details.

“From time that this all started and the cops getting involved, I have yet to hear that [Track] is doing any therapy or anything. Track hates [his father] Todd. Jordan and Track had an argument one night that it got so out of control she called… and they both came over. He threatened to beat up his dad, saying, ‘Come on old man, you’re full of metal now.'”

He went on to say that Todd Palin actually told Jordan that she should run from Track before she ever got pregnant. Of course, she stayed with Track and now they have a child together. She didn’t listen to these warnings at all. Jordan’s dad went on to say that Sarah and Todd don’t have anything to do with Track now and they aren’t helping him at all. It sounds like he has pushed away the people who are closest to him and in his time of need. Track is also dealing with a custody dispute with his first wife.


Radar Online shared over a year ago that Track Palin’s baby mama explained a scary ordeal between the two of them. In court documents, she said that Palin pushed her up against the wall while she was holding their child, who was only about three months old at the time. She filed for a restraining order against him. She shared that he allegedly even told her that he was going to “put a bullet” through her head. This was a really scary time for her, and now she wants to move on from the situation. Track Palin did great treatment for PTSD after this incident happened.

Are you shocked to hear that Sarah Palin is allegedly not speaking to Track at all? Do you think that these two will ever fix their issues? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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