Trump Takes Golf Course Trip No. 14 In 10 Weeks: Golfs At Trump Club [Photos]

Photos of President Donald Trump’s motorcade arriving at Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Virginia, on Sunday, April 2, show a black Suburban driving past the gold lettering of the Trump National Golf Club. The Getty Images photo by Saul Loeb shows an older man walking a dog on a leash as they pause to let Mr. Trump’s motorcade enter the golf club that bears Trump’s name.


Another interesting golf photo, this time from Saturday, April 1, named “PM Abe plays golf,” comes with a description by Kyodo News via Getty Images that notes Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is shown in the photo playing golf with business leaders in Tokyo. The description notes that it is the first time that Abe has played golf since he played golf with President Trump in Florida in mid-February.


The frequency of the golf games of world leaders is making big buzz online, especially since the below tweet by NBC News Senior News Editor and Writer, Bradd Jaffy, noted that President Trump made golf trip No. 14 on Sunday when Trump showed up at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, per White House pool reports. With it being golf course visit No. 14 for Mr. Trump, since he became President Trump 10 weeks ago, the golf course visit is getting attention.


As seen in the below photo, screenshots of many of the times that President Trump used Twitter to criticize President Obama for his golfing trips are going viral now that Mr. Trump appears to be golfing at a frequency that outpaced Mr. Obama’s golf trips.


The golf trip with Trump featured Senator Rand Paul, according to ABC News. President Trump took Paul to the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia to speak about the health policy that failed to come to fruition and replace Obamacare.

Paul had a “great time” on the golf course with Trump, according to The Hill. They are reportedly coming closer to solving the healthcare dilemma. Joining Trump and Paul at the Trump National Golf Club was White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney.

As reporters keep count of how many times Trump goes golfing, with the New York Daily News writing that President Trump has golfed nearly 15 times since become president, the talk at large has surrounded the level of publicity that Mr. Trump brings to his own properties each time he golfs or dines therein.

The fact that Trump played golf with his healthcare opponent, as reported by the New York Post, comes after the August 2016 day that Trump bragged about beating Paul on the golf course.

“Recently, Rand Paul called me and asked me to play golf. I easily beat him on the golf course and will even more easily beat him now, in the world in the politics [sic].”

Leaders that play too much golf are worse at their jobs, reported the Chicago Tribune.

Trump golfs two times as much as Obama did, reported MarketWatch.

Some of the comments being published to social media about President Trump’s golfing game can be read below.

“We have to pay for grown children going to Dubai on Trump Golf Resort openings, NY Penthouse, Mar-a-lago, Va golf outings.”

“Can/do we make Trump golf and self-dealing a meaningful issue for undecided voters?”

“Another weekend, another Trump golf trip. Remember when Conservatives threw a tantrum when Obama golfed? Where are they now?

“Trump Golf, Golf, Golf………”

“More family values. Pay for Trump golf and his kids ski trip, let children go hungry. Evil and greedy af.”

“14 Trump golf excursions in 10 weeks. Melania in Trump Tower. If costing taxpayers money is of concern, Trump is the king.”

[Featured Image by Pete Marovich-Pool/Getty Images]