SongSong Couple: Song Joong Ki Show True Love And Respect For Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have set new goals for fans of Descendants Of The Sun. The DOTS series actor has recently revealed his true love and respect for co-star and rumored lover.

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the popular KBS television series. The fan-favorite couple has also once again proved their dominance in the K-drama industry in the 29th Korean Producer Awards (KPA).

The KPA held last week saw Joong Ki winning the best actor category award. He won the award for his lead role as Captain Yoo Si Jin in the hit KBS drama Descendants Of The Sun. He hardly had any competition with all of the producing directors voting for him.

During his winning speech, the 31-year-old actor got everyone emotional. He broke the stereotypes and dedicated his win to rumored girlfriend Hye Kyo, International Business Times reported. The 35-year-old actress is much more experienced than Joong Ki, and the actor respects that.

song joong ki awards korean producer award speech

“In Korea, actors always steal the spotlight—compared to the actresses. To me, this drama was a big project, as it marked my comeback to the entertainment scene after spending two years in the military. I want to share this glory with my co-star Song Hye-Kyo who shared the burden and constantly reassured me and gave me the confidence by being there for me.”

Though this has allowed their romance rumors to gain momentum, the Descendants Of The Sun co-stars have never officially admitted to their relationship and have at times addressed each other as brother and sister, crashing the many hopes of DOTS series’ fans. Even one of the directors of the K-drama, Kim Sihyeong, revealed in his interview to Singapore La that Hye Kyo and Joong Ki’s relationship seems to be just friendship.

“Joong Ki sometimes calls her senior and sometimes calls her sister. The couple look more like good friends.”

Adding to that, the Descendants Of The Sun actress also said that she is like an older sister to her co-star. During her interview with W magazine, the actress said that she does not believe that a girl and a boy can just be friends but then defended saying that her co-star Joong Ki is like a brother.

“However, these days I’m close to my labelmate Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki, who I acted in a drama with, but to them, wouldn’t I just be an older sister who likes to treat them to food?”

The actress’s contrasting statement ignited the romance rumors once again. But this is not the first instance when Hye Kyo hinted towards her close relationship with the actor. During one of her interviews, the actress said that Captain Shi Jin makes her heart flutter, and she can see that why the character has such loyal female fanbase, Deccan Chronicle reported.

songsong couple dots song joong ki song hye kyo

“Everyone says Captain Shi Jin and Dr Moyon (names of the lead characters) share a good chemistry, but that is all credit to the teamwork. The director did a good job of making us look good together. I tried watching the drama from the audience’s perspective and Captain Shi Jin is definitely attractive — some of his lines also made me feel fluttery.”

That being said, there is no official confirmation of the SongSong couple’s romance. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo apparently enjoy all of the romance stories by fans, and it is actually a popular discussion at their table, as revealed by the Descendants Of The Sun actor.

Meanwhile, there is no confirmation for DOTS Season 2 but both the lead actors are keeping busy with various projects. Joong Ki will next be seen in a cameo role in upcoming South Korean television series titled Man To Man. He will also return to the big screen with Battleship Island, a movie by Ryoo Seung-wan. The film also stars Hwang Jung-min and So Ji-sub.

[Featured Image by Feng Li/Getty Images and Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]