Masters Odds Change After Dustin Johnson Tumbles Down The Stairs With His No. 1 Spot

A freak accident has scrambled the odds for the Masters with what is being called a "serious fall" down a staircase for Dustin Johnson on the eve of this big PGA event. The Masters offers that coveted green jacket, which was expected to go to Johnson who was favored 5-1 to win.

According to the Bleacher Report, Dustin Johnson was on top of the list for the projected win of the Masters Tournament, which tees off today, Thursday, April 5. Augusta National Golf Club hosts the 2017 Masters, which is the most famous event on the PGA Tour.

The new favorite to win is Jordan Spieth, according to the online sports booking agent Bovada. This is a bit of a surprise as Spieth, was third on the 2017 Masters odds offered up by the Bleacher Report and Rory Mcllroy was second. Mcllroy is still in second place, and Johnson has dropped to third, in case he does play today, reports the Sporting News.

As of early Thursday morning, reports indicate that Dustin Johnson's manager still feels that it is uncertain on whether Dustin will be able to play in the Masters. David Winkle, who is Johnson's manager at Hambric Sports, reports that Johnson's fall took place at the home the top golfer rented in Augusta ahead of the tournament.

Johnson took a tumble on the stairs Wednesday and hurt his back, reports CNBC News. Winkle explained via email how Johnson's injury occurred. Winkle wrote, "He landed very hard on his lower back and is now resting, although quite uncomfortably." Winkle also said, "He has been advised to remain immobile and begin a regimen of anti-inflammatory medication and icing, with the hope of being able to play tomorrow."

Both sports writers from CNBC and Sporting News suggest that by Johnson being in the last group to tee off, this could be a saving grace if he does play today. His group is slated to tee-off at 2:03 p.m., which will at least give him the extra time to rest his injury. The 2:03 p.m. time slot puts Johnson with Bubba Watson, who is a two-time Masters' champion and PGA champion Jimmy Walker.

AOL News reports that it is "doubtful" Johnson will be able to play in the Masters today due to his injury. Winkle reported that the fall happened Wednesday at 3 p.m. and Johnson didn't make it to a scheduled event last night due to his injury. He was due to appear to accept an award at the Golf Writers Association of America's annual dinner.

Earlier this week it was thumbs up all around for Johnson's projected golf game at the Masters. Winkle reported on Tuesday, the day before Johnson's fall, that the top golfer was in "as good a shape as I've ever seen him in every aspect of his game and his life."

With Dustin's tumble down the stairs, the social media sites are having a comical field day with his mishap. The tweets range from posting movie clips of golf course injury scenes to accessories that Dustin can now use on the course, like the tweet below.

Another top golfer, Tiger Woods, bowed out of the Masters because of his "continuing back problems," according to the Washington Post last week. This would have been his 20th anniversary of his "12-shot triumph.

Woods posted on his website that he finds having to back out of the Masters this year has left him "especially upset" because it is the anniversary and one that is filled with "a lot of great memories." Back in 1997, Woods, who was only 21, "trounced the competition by a record 12 strokes," cites the Washington Post.

All eyes were on Johnson in the PGA world going into the Masters this week. When interviewed on Wednesday, Johnson was feeling really good about going into the tournament, reports CNBC. He told reporters, "I've got a lot of confidence in my game right now, especially with the way I've been playing the last few tournaments." Then Johnson said - "But, you know, anything can happen." And it did.

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