WWE News: The Miz Reveals How Fan Interaction Changed His ‘WrestleMania’ Match

When The Miz and Maryse vs. John Cena and Nikki Bella was first announced, people were not really thrilled, but fans soon were drawn in due to the impressive work on both sides. Going in, there was a lot of issues with the two sides. Everyone loved the heel work The Miz had been doing, and with his wife by his side, Miz only seemed to get better. Either on the mic or in the ring, few people had a better comeback year than The Miz.

John Cena was someone everyone thought would be in some sort of huge match at WrestleMania. The last few years, this has not been the case, so it made sense that a change would come. The Undertaker was thrown around as a possible opponent, and even the WWE Championship match was another big plan making rumor rounds. However, things just did not go that direction. This ended up giving us the match we see now.

It seemed that this was not lost on the people involved. The Miz is by no means deaf to what fans say, as most of the WWE Superstars do care about how people take to their work as they need fan interaction to get better. Without fans reacting, the WWE stars cannot keep to what the fans like or move away from what they do not. Obviously management will do their own thing, but the wrestlers themselves must listen in.

Miz and Cena
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Miz heard what people said about his WrestleMania match it seems, as people were really starting to dig what would happen between him and John Cena along with what was going to happen between Maryse and Nikki Bella. Miz spoke about this in a recent interview with the Associated Press as part of their big WWE story that they do during WrestleMania time. He claimed he felt that fan response had changed since the storyline got going, commenting,

“I do whenever something is there and people are talking about it and making noise about it. Why deny the magic. It’s funny, when it was announced as a mixed-tag match, people were like, you’re kidding me. Cena deserves to go against the Undertaker, Miz deserves to go against the WWE champion. This is below them. And then, once it started, people started going, ‘Oh wait a second,’ people are telling me this is the match people are looking forward to most. People care.”

The Miz isn’t lying either. Fans expected to see The Undertaker vs John Cena, so when things went another direction it was not only surprising but it also did not make sense. Why would they use these two men in a match like this when they could be in bigger matches? However, both John Cena and The Miz are absolutely incredible on the mic.

In 2016 alone, you won’t find many better mic workers than The Miz. However, John Cena is by no means a slouch there either. He laid into The Miz big time each and every week he had the chance to do so. However, Miz seemed to start it all and that was when things really picked up. Many believe this match happened for a few reasons.

Miz, Maryse. Cena, Nikki
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Nikki Bella may be nearing retirement due to the fact that she has a neck injury and things have not seemed to get better for her. In fact, she seemed to have re-aggravated it a few days ago. Bella confirmed she is taking time off after WrestleMania recently, so it is uncertain if or when she’ll be back. Meanwhile, John Cena is set to film another movie, Daddy’s Home 2. It is a huge opportunity for Cena obviously.

Due to all of this, it made sense to put The Miz and Maryse against them. Maryse gets to work in the ring once more as well. Cena and Bella are leaving, so neither could be in title matches as it would not make much sense for them to do. Miz and Maryse will be around, but having a big match where they could both possibly get a big rub from working with two of the bigger WWE stars would make sense to help them moving forward.

Triple H claimed in a recent interview that he would be surprised if The Miz did not win the WWE Championship before the year was up, and he could be onto something. Fans are loving The Miz right now, and there aren’t many better as a heel in the world in fact. WWE could easily push him while Cena is out and the rivalry could possibly be renewed when John returns. Perhaps, it could be over the WWE Championship at that point.

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