WWE News: Live Notes From The 2017 ‘WWE Hall Of Fame’

The 2017 Hall of Fame is in the record books, and left fans both live and watching through the WWE Network with many memorable moments. Headlined by Kurt Angle, this Hall of Fame had one of most solid line-ups in the history of the event. Before and during the event, there were many different live notes that made the event even more memorable.

Loudest Reactions

The loudest reactions of the evening during the “Live at the Red Carpet” prelude to the Hall of Fame were Sting, Ric Flair, and AJ Styles. As simply one of the greatest babyface stars that ever stepped in the ring, it is not a surprise to know that Sting received one of the biggest ovations of the evening. With many fans still holding on the the thought that he will have a match with the Undertaker, as well as him stating on Legends with JBL that he is holding off on a neck surgery for one match with Deadman, fans are still holding on to one last time for Sting to step in the ring.

Ric Flair, as the only two-time WWE Hall of Famer with both himself and the Four Horsemen inducted, always gets the attention from the crowd when he appears due his legendary career and his “Wooo!” chant. Although one of the last moments that fans saw Flair on television was him getting disrespected from his daughter Charlotte, he is still showing fans the he will forever be “Stylin and Profilin.”

In a way, AJ Styles has become the pride and joy of a number of fans, even if he spends his time eliciting jeers and speaking ill of the spectators. Throughout his run as a villain, Styles has made known numerous times that he does not want, nor care about, the adulation of the crowd. However, his run as a bad guy is shrouded by “AJ Styles” chants, which makes is very difficult for him to properly act out his current role in the WWE. With his match coming up at WrestleMania 33 against Shane McMahon, Styles may gain even more fans due to the expectation that the match will one of the best on the card.

CM Punk Chants Dying a Slow Death

With the exception of when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon appear in select cities, the infamous “CM Punk!” chants are now getting shrouded by people booing them. A large portion of people have now realized that CM Punk has no desire to return to the WWE, at least anytime soon, and chanting his name will not change that one bit.

Randy Orton Had No Desire to Hear the Fans Cheer Him

During the WWE Hall of Fame, Randy Orton arrived about 15 minutes late and walked across the floor to be seated. As he was walking, there were a few soft mentions of he and his wife going to their seat. Instead of positively acknowledging them, he put his index finger over his mouth as a sign for the fans to hush. His father on the other hand, “Cowboy” Bob Orton, was also with them and positively responded to the fan interaction.

Ricky Morton Kept Forgetting His Lines

During their speech, Ricky Morton of the Rock n’ Roll Express kept forgetting his lines from the pieces of paper that were in front on him on the podium. While Robert Gibson played the level-headed one throughout the speech, Morton missed his cues which caused him to ad-lib on many parts. When the speech ended and the video package appeared, the Rock n’ Roll Express said, “One more thing,” but the lights were dimmed by now and the video was already showing. By that time, the newly-crowned Hall of Famers were escorted off the stage.

Other Tidbits

  • A few “Sexual Chocolate” chants tried to start when Teddy Long mentioned his name, but were quelled.
  • There was very bad audio problems during Eric LeGrand’s speech, the live audience was barely able to hear him, and every time the sound personnel tried to turn his music up, there would be feedback.
  • Teddy Long receive a great pop, and the crowd was very much into his speech. A few people were happy that he said he was not going to be long, because the event had been a few hours in by that point.
  • There were a chorus of “Delete!” chants when Kurt Angle mentioned the Hardy Boyz.

[Featured Image By WWE]