Jazz Jennings Considers Getting Bottom Surgery In New Season Of ‘I Am Jazz’

It is almost time for a new season of I Am Jazz on TLC, and things are getting really rough for Jazz Jennings. As she is dealing with being a teenager, Jazz starts thinking about if she should get bottom surgery done or not. As everyone that watches the show knows, Jazz is transgender, but is still male on the bottom half of her body. People shared about what Jazz has to say about this big decision she has to make this season on the show.

During the third season of I Am Jazz, viewers will see Jazz Jennings struggling as a 16-year-old. Jazz will start driving, and of course, there is dating going on as well. She shares that she would date a transgender if it happened. Jazz is also dealing with a lot of issues that upset her and says she “hates” herself. One other thing that comes up is her mom wants her to go to counseling and Jazz isn’t open to the idea at all. It will be interesting to see if her mom can convince her to go and talk about what is going on in her life. Being a teenager is hard for anyone.

While at the doctor, Jazz Jennings will talk to him about getting bottom surgery done and find out that it is “feasible.” This is something she has battled with for a while. The preview shows Jazz telling the doctor and her mom that she wants to do it. She also said that she’s “always dreamed about having this procedure done.” Her dad wants her to wait until after high school to consider doing this kind of surgery, but Jazz makes sure he knows that it is her decision. Of course, her parents would have to agree to it before she could get it done at a younger age.

Jazz Jennings will even talk to a doctor about the possibility of surgery. The doctor tells her that he “can’t do the type of surgery that you want.” Of course, this just means that Jazz would have to find a different doctor to do it for her.

New York Times shared that Jazz Jennings actually just had a transgender doll based on her released. Jazz identified as a female even from a very young age. Here is what Jazz had to say about her doll.

“Ever since I was little, I always loved playing with dolls. It was a great way to show my parents that I was a girl, because I could just express myself as I am. So this really resonates with me, because it was something so pivotal in my own journey.”

Mr. Tonner came up with the idea for the doll and shared that it is for children even though they make a lot of dolls for adults. He said, “I was very impressed with Jazz when I saw her on Barbara Walters 10 years ago. I thought she was an amazing kid with amazing parents.” A lot of people love watching Jazz Jennings on her show I Am Jazz and can even relate to her.

Do you feel like Jazz Jennings should get the bottom surgery done? Do you think that she should wait until she is older? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of I Am Jazz when it returns to TLC on June 28.

[Featured Image By Mike Windle/Getty Images for WE Day]