Stephen King’s ‘It’ Trailer: Easter Eggs And Terrifying Things You Didn’t Notice

On Wednesday, the trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s It was finally revealed, and it likely scared everyone out of a few years of growth. The new version of the horrifying novel and overly frightening made-for-TV miniseries looks to take things to a completely different level, and that isn’t surprising with a theatrical release and R-rating. Now, fans are starting to analyze the trailer, and it is time to see some Easter eggs and really scary things you might not have noticed.

Please note, there might be some spoilers for the novel, original miniseries, and new theatrical film version of Stephen King’s It. Most of what is revealed below deals found in the trailer, but some extra info could be spoiled in the process.

Just one day ago, Entertainment Weekly released the first official trailer for Stephen King’s It, and it honestly looks masterful. Fans of the book will be thrilled by the intricacies and small details included from Stephen King’s fantastic read, and the fact that the horror level has been upped on many levels is awesome as well.

stephen king's it remake trailer easter eggs scary
[Image by Warner Bros.]

There are many Easter eggs and spooky moments in the trailer, while other instances are grab-your-things-and-run moments. In the original two-part miniseries, the film jumps back and forth between the Losers Club as children and as adults, just as in the novel.

The remake of It will have the first film focus on the Losers Club as children while the second part will focus on them after they’ve grown up. Either way, they’re going to have to deal with Pennywise the Clown, and while Tim Curry’s performance may never be beaten, Bill Skarsgard sure comes close.

Looking at the warnings issued in the trailer, details from the novel are becoming more prominent.

  • Derry Police Dept. issues a warning to “Remember The Curfew 7 p.m.”
  • Missing poster put on an electrical pole for Patrick Hockstetter – One of the gang members with Henry Bowers.
  • Bev has her spare house key dangling around her neck.
  • Georgie plays with his toy boat on Jackson Street and Witcham Street, which is right out of King’s novel.
  • Eddie Kasbrak has his trusty (necessary?) inhaler ready for when he gets nervous.
  • Silver makes his first appearance and fans of the book and miniseries know how important he truly is.
  • The bloody sink.

Those who know anything about Stephen King’s It know the true importance of the house on Niebolt Street, and it is finally shown for all to see. It may not be exactly as many pictured it in their minds while reading the novel, but it really is a terrifying sight to see.

stephen king's it remake trailer easter eggs scary
[Image by Warner Bros.]

The house at 29 Niebolt Street is one that plays such a big part for Eddie, Bill, Richie, and every single member of the Losers Club. Pennywise also knows how important this house is to him, which is proven by a scene in the trailer that could scare the life out of anyone.

A few of the great things included in the trailer are the many faces of Pennywise and fans of the story are sure to love that. In the novel, Pennywise takes on many different personas, from Georgie to a mummy to a werewolf to Bev’s dad to a giant bird and so much more. Thanks to the It trailer, we have seen Pennywise as a:

  • Clown
  • Werewolf (the claw hand)
  • Floating balloon
  • Bill’s mother in old pictures

As you continue to watch the trailer over and over again, you’re bound to see a few more things that stand out to you. Easter eggs and references to the It novel and miniseries will only become more evident as more footage is released.

With only two-and-a-half minutes out so far, though, the fear is there and the fear is real. If you didn’t jump when Pennywise jumps out of the water and toward the screen, you’re a braver soul than anyone.

If the novel or original miniseries of Stephen King’s It didn’t scare you, one might think it is difficult for you to fear anything. If the trailer for the remake is any indication of how the theatrical release will be, you’re bound to finally find what frightens you. The Easter eggs and terrifying moments in a two-and-a-half minute trailer are only just the beginning of what fear awaits everyone later this year.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros.]