Florida Mother Accused Of Fighting Daughter’s Teen Rival More Than Once

A Florida mother stands accused of fighting the sister of the teenage girl who reportedly set her child up to be beaten by several classmates.

Miami Gardens resident Ernslatta LaFrance, 30, was collared by law enforcement on Monday for reportedly assaulting the unnamed 17-year-old Carol City High School student following class dismissal, and again later that day at the townhouse she shares with her partner, 28-year-old Erlisa Evans, according to the New York Post.

As noted in the arrest report, which was transcribed by the Miami Herald, the violent matter supposedly stemmed from an previous altercation involving LaFrance’s child and a group of teens who took in the sights of the Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition just recently, including the sister of the student who was allegedly confronted by LaFrance.

With her child and Ms. Evans apparently waiting in the wings, LaFrance first walked up to the teen outside of the school and knocked a cell phone out of her grasp, before “[punching] her face repeatedly while pulling her by the hair” in the school parking lot, as WSVN adds.

LaFrance reportedly then obtained the item, an iPhone 6, before driving away, but the matter wasn’t over just yet.

When the beaten teen took it upon herself to go to the accused’s Opa-locka residence later that day to retrieve her device, LaFrance reputedly broke the girl’s finger during a second altercation and smashed her car with an ax.

“The defendant took a stick and struck the victim’s right hand and the vehicle,” the incident report states.

Evans would then go on to follow her partner outside of the home and fired a gun three times into the air, hoping to scare the teen away. Her actions would lead to Evans ultimately being booked on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and charges of firing a gun in public, while LaFrance was hit with strong-armed robbery, child abuse, and aggravated battery claims.

mother teen fight
Florida resident Ernstlatta LaFrance, 30, reportedly got into a fight with a Carol City Senior High School student. [Image by Dwayne/Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized|CC BY-SA 2.0]

Incidentally, the teen-beating mother somehow managed to film a section of the second fight and shared the clip on her Facebook page to warn others about the consequences of “messing with her daughter.”

“The [mother] also bragged [about the school fight] on Facebook,” the Post report adds, “telling the [teen] victim that suffering two black eyes was not the end and” that next time, “she would use a gun.”

“I [ain’t] arguing with nobody,” LaFrance wrote, as ABC 10 claims, “[because] if your child got jumped and maced by 20 girls, [you would] do the same!”

When confronted by police the next day, the Florida mother confessed that she fought the high school teen and confirmed that her partner fired the warning shots. At her first hearing on Wednesday, a shackled LaFrance was berated by Judge Mindy Glazer for her brutish response to the young girl.

“Ma’am, you were arrested for burglary with an assault or battery, strong armed robbery with an aggravated battery and child abuse,” Judge Glazer relayed.

“I see how old you are [and] it’s time to act your age.”

Once word got around of the crime, other parents of students at the Florida high school couldn’t help but to express their feelings over LaFrance’s troubling teen take-down.

“It is shocking,” said Deeondra Thurston, “[that] people go [that] far to protect their children.”

A partial statement from the Miami-Dade Schools Police Dept. noted that LaFrance’s actions went far beyond the call of parental duty.

“This type of behavior and conduct, an adult violently battering a minor, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at our schools,” it reads.

“This unfortunate incident reminds us that it is important for parents and adults to model the type of behavior we want to see in our children.”

At the end of Wednesday’s hearing, LaFrance was held in lieu of a $7,500 bond and ordered by Judge Glazer to stay away from both the victim and the education establishment.

“You need to stay away from [the] school unless you are with your [teen] daughter at a school event,” the officiant remarked to the fight-ready mother.

[Featured Image by Miami-Dade Corrections]