Alfonso Ribeiro, ‘Fresh Prince’ Cast Slammed By Angry Aunt Viv For Reunion Photo

Alfonso Ribeiro and Will Smith recently posed for a reunion photo with their former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air castmates, but the original Aunt Viv didn’t get the memo. Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks on the hit 1990s NBC sitcom, shared a recent photo of the cast on Instagram, which included Will Smith (Will on the show), Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks), Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks), Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey Butler), and Daphne Reid (Vivian Banks), writing that it’s “always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family.”

Alfonso added that he wished the late James Avery, who played his father Philip Banks on the NBC comedy, was “still with us to make this complete.”

Always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family. Wishing that James Avery was still with us to make this complete.

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But Janet Hubert, who played matriarch Vivian Banks for the first three seasons of the show, slammed the reunion—and Ribeiro in particular. Yahoo Celebrity posted a now-deleted Facebook rant in which Hubert blasted her onetime TV son and called him a “media hoe.”

“I know the media hoe Alphonso Ribero [sic] has posted his so-called reunion photo. Folks keep telling me about it,” Hubert wrote.

“[Ribeiro] was always the a** wipe for Will. There will never be a true reunion of the Fresh Prince. I have no interest in seeing any of these people on that kind of level.”

Hubert added that she was not “offended” by the photo because it was an event for Karyn Parsons’ charity, but the angry actress did make a threat to pitch a scathing tell-all memoir to reveal the “behind the scenes story before I leave this earth.”

It’s telling that Hubert blasted Alfonso Ribeiro directly. Several other Fresh Prince stars posted reunion photos, including Smith and Ali, but the actress saved the bulk of her wrath for Alfonso.

Janet Hubert was fired from the Fresh-Prince of Bel-Air nearly 25 years ago after creative differences with Smith and she was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid. Hubert has long slammed her Fresh Prince co-stars, but Will and Alfonso have always been her main targets.

Alfonso Ribeiro has not yet responded to his former TV mom’s latest rant, but many fans have, with some writing that there must be more to the story behind her beef with Ribeiro and the Fresh Prince cast.

Alfonso Ribeiro has fired back against Hubert in the past. Ribeiro addressed the tension with his one-time TV mom during a 2009 stand-up act, despite the fact that he was “legally not allowed to talk about it.”

“Basically, at the end of the day, [she] was crazy,” Alfonso said.

“She went nuts! Long story short, and there were days when we were all on the set and she would literally go off on people and they got to a point by the time the second season came around where we’re like, ‘This is unacceptable.’ We felt like, when we were doing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, that we were a family…She, at that point, ruined that, and she made it very difficult for us to work, and unfortunately she was then fired.”

Ribeiro did admit that the original Aunt Viv was a funny and talented actress, but he added one more adjective to describe her: “Cuckoo!”

Hubert fired back in 2013, telling The Grio that Alfonso told a lot of lies after the show ended its run.

“Alfonso went out to a college and told a lot of lies, but the problem is I have proof that a lot of that didn’t happen,” she said.

Hubert also told Yahoo Celebrity that her former co-stars did “some heinous, horrible things” to her both on and off the Fresh Prince set.

“They were like bad kids, Will and Alfonso—especially Alfonso,” she said. “He said that I was crazy and nobody wanted to go to lunch with me.”

Take a look at the video below to see Alfonso Ribeiro talking about his problems with his co-star on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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