Does ‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Still Think Illegal Drug Use Is OK?

Everyone has a past, and everyone makes mistakes, but Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel seems to proceed with a wink and a nod when it comes to the use of illegal drugs. With Season 4 of Southern Charm less than a week away, Thomas can be seen harping in the preview about drug use and drug tests of others, while posting on social media that everyone should try illegal drugs.

A Thomas Ravenel tweet and delete

Just last week, Thomas Ravenel of Southern Charm tweeted, and then deleted, that everyone should try an illegal drug or two.

“I personally agree with Steve Jobs (RIP) you should try an illegal drug or two even if our tyrannous nanny state puts you in prison for it.”

Thomas Ravenel is obviously referring to his time behind bars after pleading guilty to federal drug charges that included cocaine use and distribution, for which he did ten months in a federal prison. Ravenel has made it clear that he never sold drugs, but shared what he had with friends. Like his Southern Charm co-star and baby mama, Thomas Ravenel also went to rehab for two months.

The State says that Ravenel has been consistent and that after getting out of prison, he still believed that the government had no right to tell an adult what substances they can and can’t use.

“What I do in the privacy of my own home should be my own business.”

Power dinner at Polo Lounge. Beverly Hills CA

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But while Thomas Ravenel has been consistent in embracing a Libertarian political stance, Radar Online says that after the Southern Charm star got out of prison, he was arrested for drunk driving. Ravenel was allegedly in East Hampton, New York, for a polo event when the police pulled him over.


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According to the police, Ravenel’s car was spotted driving in a suspicious manner.

“Defendant’s breath smelled strongly of an odor of an alcoholic beverage, his eyes were red and glassy, he was unsteady on his feet,” the reported read. “He faled [sic] several roadside sobriety tests.”

At the time, Ravenel denied he had been driving while intoxicated, but later pleaded guilty, and was not sentenced to any time behind bars.

But despite a colorful past, Southern Charm‘s Thomas Ravenel seems to be floating some test balloons, hinting that he is interested in dipping his toe back into the political pool, as an Independent, despite his support for the Trump administration. But despite running his recent treatises on Federalism, on Immigration, and on Libertarianism, on the FitsNews site, Ravenel friend and onetime political adviser Will Folks says that Thomas Ravenel has no political future.

Will Folks was a consultant on Ravenel’s successful run for Treasurer of South Carolina, and was briefly on board in 2014 for his failed U.S. Senate campaign. But while Folks wishes Ravenel the best, he won’t be consulting on any future political campaigns.

“As for my political involvement with Ravenel, it’s safe to say that chapter of my career is over. In fact were I still providing him with counsel, I would tell him his political career needs to be over – and that it was high time he began focusing on life after politics.”

Will Folks added that Ravenel’s personal life needs his attention, obviously suggesting that Thomas work things out with Kathryn Dennis, mother of his two children, regarding co-parenting.

Do you think it’s wise for Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel to talk about illegal drug use being okay as he heads into custody mediation with Kathryn Dennis? Do you think Thomas will run for office again?

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