White House Repeat Fence Jumper Marci Wahl An Army Missile Specialist, Trump Fan

The Trump administration has seen the largest amount of successful White House fence jumpers in the shortest period of time, and one, a repeat offender, Marci Wahl, served in the United States Army for over eight years. Wahl is an ardent Trump supporter, who says that she plans to keep jumping the White House fence until she can meet Donald Trump face to face.

While the White House and President Trump are protected by the Secret Service, many people are asking questions about how people have managed to get so close to the actual building, and to members of the Trump White House. Recently, a former Secret Service agent used the information he gleaned on the job to write a tell-all about the Clinton White House, calling it a “whorehouse,” says the Inquisitr.

But former Army soldier Marci Wahl is proving to be a challenge for the Secret Service as she keeps trying to jump the fence to get to Donald Trump, according to TMZ. Marci Wahl has now been arrested three times, but she insists that it’s not a slowing her down. Those who served with Marci Wahl say that in her eight years in the Army, she served in Germany and in Iraq.


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An Army Reserve representative says that Marci Wahl, who calls herself a huge fan of Donald Trump, served from 2001 to 2009 as an electronic missile system repair specialist. Wahl received a Good Conduct Medal and an Army Achievement Medal.

So imagine the shock that her friends who served with her felt when they found out that it was well-liked Marci Wahl who was the White House fence jumper. Friends say that Wahl wasn’t into politics, and others believe that this must be a mental health issue and that Marci Wahl must have snapped.

But Marci Wahl says that with each success that she has, and that others have in climbing the White House fence, she is even more committed to getting onto the White House grounds and meeting President Trump. Wahl says that she was very impressed by the man who spent a full 17 minutes on the White House grounds after climbing the fence. That same man was able to even jiggle a doorknob before being arrested by the Secret Service.

Up until now, Marci Wahl was best known as the White House “almost fence jumper,” because in her first attempt she never made it past the fence. After climbing the White House fence the first time, Wahl got her shoelaces ensnared in the White House fence finials, and had to be cut down and removed by the Secret Service.

After climbing the White House fence the second time, successfully, she made up an odd story to tell the Secret Service.

“[I] lost track of where I was and was walking to the courthouse for a urinalysis appointment.”

Wahl also told the White House Secret Service Agents that she plans to stay in Washington, D.C. until she meets Trump.

“I feel like I am supposed to be here right now.”

Marci Anderson Wahl, 38, is a native of Everett, Washington and was arrested a third time trying to break into the Treasury Building, says CNN. Reportedly, before these three incidents, Marci Wahl had never been arrested. Wahl has not received a stay away order, but seems undeterred. The second time Wahl was arrested on the White House grounds, Marci Wahl was found in possession of a map of the White House, which includes the residence.

Do you think that Marci Wahl will continue to climb the White House fence? Do you think mental health problems are at play with this former Army soldier?

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