Gabriel Iglesias Update: How Fluffy Is Taking His Life Back

Gabriel Iglesias is working hard to get healthy according to a series of social media posts by the comedian. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Iglesias cancelled a series of stand-up comedy shows citing “serious health and emotional issues” earlier this month but it appears the comedian, who goes by the nickname “Fluffy” is making significant progress.

Several weeks after beginning Gabriel’s sabbatical from the stage, Iglesias, reached out to his millions of followers to thank them for their emotional support and share his progress.

“First off I want to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of me in my quest of getting better,” Fluffy shared in his Instagram and Facebook posts. Iglesias went on to commend the fans who reached out to him, “Ur positive comments helped me when I felt my worst.”

In the next post, Gabriel revealed he had lost twenty pounds in just twenty days by turning his focus to exercise.

Iglesias revealed several years ago that he has been battling type II diabetes. While the effects of type II diabetes can lead to significant physical deterioration such as kidney failure, blindness, and even loss of limbs, research also indicates it can increase depression and anxiety which could explain why Fluffy fell flat emotionally too.

Since last week’s reveal of his effort to get more fit, Gabriel has been re-engaging with fans through social media. Iglesias is candid about the struggle to get fit but fans are undoubtedly thrilled to see Fluffy taking his own health seriously.

Gabriel has made his living making light of his heaviness. In fact, Iglesias even developed a line of clothing for people of larger proportions. And while Fluffy’s tales of overweight experiences have been great fodder for his stand-up, anyone who has ever struggled to get fit is going to appreciate when Iglesias makes his comeback and describes his latest journey.

Though Iglesias is slowly getting back into the swing of communicating with his followers, fans have noticed that Gabriel’s posts still lack his trademark grin and Fluffy has admitted he is still working on the emotional side of things. Still, Iglesias appears to be making headway towards his goal of being well.

Gabriel Iglesias is getting less fluffy after dropping twenty pounds in 20 days.
Gabriel Iglesias' social media posts have been somber but Fluffy says he's doing better and improving. [Image by Imeh Akpanudosen/ Stringer/Getty Images.]

As to when Gabriel will get back to work, while his stand-up return is up in the air, his movie career is on a hot streak. Iglesias revealed today that he provided the voice for a character in the upcoming animated film Ferdinand, set to open in theaters mid-December. Iglesias is part of the all-star cast which also includes John Cena, Gina Rodriguez, and Anthony Anderson. Gabriel is also currently doing voiceover work for the animated film Blazing Samurai feating Samuel L. Jackson and recently wrapped up other two voiceover gigs for The Nut Job sequel and Show Dogs.

While Iglesias had previously discussed the toll touring takes on him. In a 2014 interview with the Phoenix Film Festival, Gabriel was candid about how touring even effects his struggle to eat more healthily.

“I see a lot of nice hotels, but I never really get to enjoy the cities, because I have to be on a plane the next day. I eat a lot of junk food, because that’s what’s usually available at 1:00am when I’m all done working,” Iglesias said.

Despite the drawbacks, which Fluffy said also include missing birthdays and holidays or other special events with his family, Gabriel also admitted that he gets great personal satisfaction from live performances.

“It was positive. Everybody was happy. Everyone wanted to put their arms around me. It was just an incredible feeling. There’s no job that can compare. It was a nice warm feeling, and you can’t wait to go back up on stage,” Iglesias discussed when reminiscing about his first stand-up performance in a school talent show. And with a love so strong for performing, it seems Gabriel will make his way back in front of the lights sooner rather than later.

According to Ticketmaster, Fluffy still has tickets on sale for performances beginning April 9 meaning Iglesias has yet to drop out of his performance at the Kennedy Center and the tour dates that follow. While it’s still possible Gabriel could take more time off, it seems there is hope on the horizon for Iglesias to be feeling strong enough to make the return to stage soon.

Regardless of when Gabriel Iglesias returns, however, he’s going to find those who have been standing behind him in support as he gets well are still eager to sit before him and roar with laughter at the fluffy guy they adore.

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