Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock’s Total Blackout Tour 2017: ‘Watch The Throne Part 2’

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle performed together on the evening of Saturday, March 25, and the photos of the duo onstage are making the rounds on social media. One particularly funny photo can be seen below, from the Twitter account of NOLA.com photographer Michael DeMocker. DeMocker describes that his photo captured what happened when Chris attempted to take a big gulp of water as Dave spoke. Apparently, Chappelle said something so funny that Chris performed the hugest spit-take likely ever captured on camera. At least, the largest one perhaps captured while Dave was joking with Chris onstage.

On Instagram, Rock called his “Total Blackout Tour” of 2017 Rock’s “Watch the Throne Part 2,” obviously borrowing from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s famous “Watch the Throne” collaborative album. Unfortunately, a search for “Watch the Throne Part 2” on YouTube doesn’t show any clips of Chappelle and Rock’s comedy routine. A search for Rock’s “Total Blackout Tour” turns up videos like the one below.

Warning: The following video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

Perhaps it was Chappelle and Rock’s famous SNL collaboration seen below that convinced the two to hit the comedy circuit together once more. It is actually Rock’s “Total Blackout Tour” of 2017, and it isn’t known how often Chappelle might join him on the tour.

Chappelle has made waves with his recent Netflix specials.

Watch the throne part 2. Total blackout tour 2017 .

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The Twitter video tab doesn’t yet have videos of the stand-up routine with Chappelle and Rock, which makes sense since Dave spoke about asking his audience to have their smartphones taken so that the entire routine doesn’t feature people recording videos and updating social media as he spoke. Indeed, Playhouse Square reports that Rock’s “Total Blackout Tour” does not allow cameras.

“No cellphones, cameras or recording devices will be allowed at Chris Rock’s Total Blackout Tour.”

However, videos of Chappelle’s recent Netflix routine can be seen in videos like the one below, which displays Dave’s love of hip hop as Chappelle sang Drake’s song, “All Me (Featuring 2 Chainz & Big Sean),” and compares Dave’s love of rap to Rock’s love of rap. The Twitter user also commented about Dave’s timing, and how much it matched that of Drake’s timing. Comedy, like hip hop, has a rhythm, as Chappelle has noted.

Warning: The following video contains language that might be offensive to some viewers.

As reported by Vulture, the crowd in New Orleans watching Rock perform got a big surprise during the “The Total Blackout Tour” when Rock was joined by Dave for the 90-minute routine. Chappelle received a standing ovation, according to Complex, when Chappelle’s “social experiment” apparently went over very well with the crowd watching the comedic throne.

“Tonight, you are all part of a social experiment. Stranger things have happened in New Orleans.”

As seen in the top photo above, Chappelle and Rock were together backstage at the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 28, 2016, in Los Angeles. Comments about the show being published on social media can be read below.

“I can’t begin to fathom the greatness that occurred on that stage! – &

“I would really love & pay money to see Kevin Hart Dave Chappelle Eddie Murphy & Chris Rock do a comedy movie / stand up together.”

“A 90-minute & Set? Let’s hope this comes w/ Rock’s specials.”

“Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock are going on tour together????!!!!! I think I’ve died and gone to Black comedian born in the 90’s heaven.”

“Yes, Dave Chappelle + Chris Rock on one stage…”

“So yeah. I am sitting there last night waiting for Chris Rock and out walksDave Chappelle. It was an awesome night.

“Please, someone tell me I can find this in the internet or Netflix somewhere.”

“This would have been epic to see!”

“Dave Chappelle surprise co-starred during Chris Rock’s first of three nights in New Orleans over the weekend.”

“Who else wishes they were there for this?”

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