Clown Collapses, Dies During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade In New York

Tragedy struck the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday when a clown suffered a fatal heart attack in front of spectators at the event.

According to the New York Daily News, 67-year-old Robert Blasetti, of Yonkers, was cheering and making balloon animals for parade goers alongside his wife, also in costume, when he collapsed.

“All of a sudden he collapsed and fell on his back. People came to him right away. It didn’t look like he was breathing. People started pumping his chest,’’ witness Tuvia Yamnik told the New York Post.

Immediately after the incident, Blesetti’s wife began to perform CPR in attempt to revive her husband but was without success as he perished some time after 9 am at the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital.

There were conflicting reports about how long it took an ambulance to get through the clogged streets to Blasetti.

Following the tragedy, Macy’s Spokesman Orlando Veras said they were “saddened to report” that a parade marcher had suffered a medical emergency.

He declined to say whether the Mr. BLasetti was an employee of Macy’s.

Blasetti’s death wasn’t the only tragedy suffered during the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.

Fox News reports a civilian NYPD worker also suffered a fatal heart attack at the event.

Charles Sutton, 58, collapsed as he hooked up a car to be towed off the parade route at West 57th Street and Sixth Avenue.

Mr. Sutton also was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s hospital.

Image: Scott Cornell /