Waffle House Brawl Erupts Between Two Employees In Alabama [Video]

Two female Waffle House workers get into brawl

Two Waffle House female employees reportedly brawled in the early hours of Sunday morning over dirty dishes.

The incident at the popular breakfast eatery franchise, which was recorded by a customer’s cell phone camera, occurred in Auburn, Alabama.

According to Robert Payne, who was eating in the Waffle House with his wife, “the fight started after one worker asked another to move so she could wash dishes,” AL.com explained.

Payne, who sensed tension in the air when he and his wife entered the establishment, filmed the 3 a.m. brawl between the two employees with his phone, and the footage was subsequently uploaded to social media. “He added that he was going to stop the fight, but stayed out of it once his wife pointed out that the women could have knives,” the New York Post reported. The store manager also cautioned him against trying to breaking up the tussle.

Dishes and a spatula appear to be in play during the behind-the-counter fight. There were reportedly about a dozen customers in the restaurant at the time.

The four minutes of NSFW footage (for language) embedded below culminates in one of the workers pinning the other to the floor.

In the background audio, another Waffle House worker can be heard calling 911.

The altercation was over by the time cops arrived, resulting in no arrests. A police official noted that either or both Waffle House employees can file a complaint against each other if they so desire.

In a statement, a Waffle House rep indicated that the corporation is conducting an investigation into the incident and will take appropriate action.

Witness Payne told CBS Columbus, Georgia, affiliate WRBL that “I went in for an All-Star (Special), and I came out with something for Worldstar. It was just too much too fast. It’s unforgettable. I’ll probably do Huddle House or IHOP from now on.” He and his wife actually dined at a different Waffle House that same morning when cops allowed them to leave the venue after officers apparently reviewed the cell phone video of the brawl.

Founded in 1955 in the Atlanta area, and still headquartered there, the Waffle House always-open breakfast chain and purported cultural icon has about 2,000 locations in 25 states, with a primary focus on the south. The Waffle House, including its often earthy or raucous, but usually friendly, atmosphere, is a guilty pleasure for fans from all walks of life, especially but not limited to late at night.

In a separate video uploaded to LiveLeak last month (see below), two Waffle House employees apparently got into a battle described as fists of fury. “Usually if a fight breaks out at a Waffle House, it’s the customers tearing up each other and the restaurant.” The Interrobang website noted about the footage.

Unfortunately, other instances of employee-on-employee violence have occurred in the fast-food industry apart from one or two reported incidents at the Waffle House.

Last May, for example, two female McDonald’s employees in Chester, South Carolina, allegedly got into a brawl over who had to bake apple pies, and the encounter once again was captured on cell phone video that went viral. Cops charged one of the workers with assault and battery in the third degree.

Back in December 2015, a brawl broke out in the restaurant parking lot between two female McDonald’s employees in Georgia, with the fight captured on cell phone video by a customer sitting in a car. Once on the ground, they appeared to begin punching, hair pulling, and kicking each other before they were separated by other workers.

[Featured Image by Ric Feld/AP Images]