McDonald’s Brawl Erupts Between Two Female Employees [Viral Video]

A brawl broke out between two McDonald’s employees in the restaurant parking lot, with the fight captured on cell phone video by a customer sitting in a car.

The two women wearing the blue McDonald’s uniform can be seen in the one-and-a-half-minute encounter (NSFW for language) arguing with each other before they start grappling. Once on the ground, they appear to begin punching, hair pulling, and kicking each other before they are separated by other workers from the fast-food eatery.

“Would you like fists with that?” the New York Daily News quipped about the brawl, which was described as a “McFlurry of punches” by American NewsX.

McDonald's brawl in Georgia
[image via YouTube]

“The video captured the workers confronting each other and exchanging insults before the violence begins,” the Daily News added.

“As staff pull the women up from the ground, clumps of hair are left behind on the ground,” the Daily Mail reported about the scuffle at McDonald’s.

The clip has been viewed about 130,000 times so far on LiveLeak in addition to YouTube hits.

The incident apparently occurred somewhere in southern Georgia.

“Let’s just say the WWE doesn’t have anything on two McDonald’s employees that decided to take it outside to the parking lot to settle things up. The two workers, one in a ball cap and the other with weaved hair, were both in their McDonald’s-issued uniforms for the Smackdown,” Chew Boom noted.

Georgia McDonald's worker brawl in restaurant parking lot
[image via YouTube]

The McDonald’s corporate office has yet to issue a statement about the fight that occurred in the parking lot at one of its franchise outlets between the two employees. Police evidently have made no arrests.

“There’s no word on who the women are or what exactly lead to the violent altercation, and it’s still unclear if any charges were filed,” Eater explained.

Most fast-food freakouts caught on camera that have increasingly occurred across the country and that have found their way to social media seem to be between customers, but staff sometimes gets involved.

In September, in a wholly unrelated incident to the Georgia altercation, a 16-year-old McDonald’s employee in Louisiana was allegedly pulled by her hair through the drive-thru window by a female customer and then beaten by several others in the parking lot, according to local police.

McDonald’s is not the only venue where things get out of hand. Later that same month, Dairy Queen employees in Albuquerque allegedly attacked a pregnant Chicago woman who stopped in for a Georgia Mud Slide Blizzard and was dissatisfied with the way her ice cream treat was prepared. The violent encounter has prompted a personal injury lawsuit filed by the customer against the Dairy Queen corporation, as well as the local store and its manager and workers, in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, court. Dairy Queen’s motto is “fan food, not fast food,” but if the allegations are accurate, the customer in this instance seemingly had good reason not be a fan of the food she was served.

A Burger King brawl in North Carolina was recorded on cell phone video in July. The co-ed fight involving multiple participants, apparently including a female employee, began in the parking lot and then worked its way into the fast-food restaurant and out again. The struggle featured flying fists and chairs, and one man wielded a pipe of some kind.

McDonald’s is said to be the world’s largest burger chain serving approximately 70 million customers daily in 119 countries at its 36,000 franchise restaurants. McDonald’s is reportedly experiencing an uptick in market share after two years of decline as a result of implementing its all-day breakfast and other menu improvements.

[Photo by Elise Amendola/AP]