WWE News: Roman Reigns Reveals How Hulk Hogan Treated Him While Still In WWE

WWE has been without Hulk Hogan for almost two years after the sex tape and racial comments that landed him in hot water with the promotion. Since then, WWE has seemingly acted as if he doesn’t exist anymore, but there are always rumors of his return. During his last run with the company, he spent time with a number of younger superstars, and Roman Reigns wanted the world to know how Hogan treated him in time they spent together.

Roman Reigns is preparing for one of the biggest matches of his career; in less than two weeks, he will face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. Reigns was recently a guest on Boomer and Carton, where he discussed the upcoming match, the reaction he gets from the fans, and much more.

At one point, Boomer and Carton began discussing the old days of wrestling with Roman Reigns and how things used to be. Of course, you can’t talk about professional wrestling’s past without mentioning the name of the immortal Hulk Hogan.

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When Hogan’s name came up in conversation, Reigns was asked to give his thoughts on the legend, and he had nothing but good things to say, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“I have nothing but positive stuff to say about The Hulkster. I’ve been fortunate to hang out with him a couple of times, just through different events and stuff and catch a flight with him, and he’s been nothing but kind and really nice. He’s very humble, a very nice guy. My father was friends with him back in the day, when he wrestled. So, I’m sure everybody has their opinions, and to each is own. But, coming from me, he’s a very nice guy.”

It was in July of 2015 that WWE terminated Hulk Hogan’s contract, and it was primarily due to the racial comments he was heard saying on the leaked sex tape. From that point on, just about every mention of Hogan was removed from the company’s website and he really hasn’t been mentioned a single time since then.

Rumors of Hogan’s return to WWE really picked up late last year when his daughter said that her father had been in discussion with the company about a comeback. Hogan stated that wasn’t the truth and that he hadn’t spoken to Triple H or anyone else in WWE about a return.

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Roman Reigns has obviously had a pretty long relationship with Hulk Hogan in one way or another. Back in the day, his father was friends with Hogan, and it is even likely that Roman met the former champion on many occasions when he was younger.

There is still a lot Hulk Hogan can offer to the world of professional wrestling, and it shows in the comments that Reigns made about him. For a guy who is in the spotlight as much as Roman Reigns is, it really isn’t a bad thing to get advice from a guy that was in that same light for decades.

Right now, the company has its focus on a number of other things, but the return of the Hulkster may not be a bad thing and is possibly not too far away.

Hulk Hogan’s eventual return to WWE doesn’t really seem to be a matter of “if,” but more a matter of “when.” He made his mistakes, and by this point, many people have probably moved past it, and he could be a big influence and mentor to some of the younger superstars on the roster. Roman Reigns is one of the top faces in the entire company, and it goes to show you how Hogan treated him, as he had nothing bit positive things to say about him.

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