Bradley Reid Byrd’s Facebook Update: Waiting On Cracker Barrel’s Firing News

There has been an update to the viral story that has the Internet asking Cracker Barrel, “Why did Cracker Barrel fire Brad’s wife?” However, the update isn’t likely a satisfactory one for plenty of people online. The melee seems to have begun when Facebook user Bradley Reid Byrd reviewed the Facebook page of the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store — giving it only one star, on March 6, at 6:58 p.m. In that post, Bradley wrote that after giving Cracker Barrel 11 long years of service, Brad’s wife was fired. Apparently, Bradley did not get enough of an explanation from Cracker Barrel to know why his wife was fired. Calling his wife a good person, Byrd said that it saddened him that his wife was hurt by being fired from Cracker Barrel.

“You fired my wife after 11 years. That was not very nice. She is a good person and it really makes me sad that she is hurt.”

The Internet being what it is, people were moved by the story of Brad’s wife and began trolling Cracker Barrel to ask the company why Brad’s wife was fired. With so much attention focused on Brad’s wife being fired from Cracker Barrel, the hashtag #BradsWife became a thing, as seen in the following photos. Folks began updating Cracker Barrel’s information across the web, to list their number of employees, “minus Brad’s wife.” People began posting photos of going to IHOP instead of Cracker Barrel, all because Cracker Barrel fired Brad’s wife. A defiant hand holding a whisk proclaiming “Justice for Brad’s wife” can be seen in a below rendition.


However, after all the noise over Brad’s wife being fired from Cracker Barrel, the Facebook page of Bradley Reid Byrd updated followers of the saga of Brad’s wife, with a post published Thursday morning. In that post, Brad noted that Cracker Barrel still hadn’t reached out to Byrd, and that he still doesn’t know why his wife was fired from Cracker Barrel.

“Good morning. I still have not heard from ‘said’ company. I would like everyone to remember that some very good people work for them. The people at the Corydon location are our friends (like family) and are just trying to make a living. So if you want answers, please direct questions to the home office. They are the ones who fired my wife. Thanks to all for the continued support and I will keep you informed….#stillwaiting.”

If the Cracker Barrel home office knows anything about public relations and social media, they would most likely want to put out a statement ASAP over the firing of Brad’s wife, especially as the nation heads into the weekend.


Even though Brad explains via his latest post that Cracker Barrel is a good company and that some very good people work at Cracker Barrel’s Corydon location in Indiana, they might want to take a look at some of the Google Reviews being published about them, as seen below.

Steve H: “Was a great place to go to also the food was great! Until recently when they fired Brad’s wife. She was the best server there always had a great smile, attitude, and was always super friendly. I can’t return and give business to a place that can just fire someone after 11 years of great service…”

Cracker Barrel is getting plenty of heat on their social media pages, with hashtags like , , , and being left on their Twitter page.


There is even a petition on, titled Cracker Barrel: JUSTICE FOR BRAD’S WIFE, CRACKER BARREL!!!

That petition has grown to 8,300 signatures in about nine hours since the petition for Brad’s wife was started. As of this writing, Cracker Barrel has not posted a readily findable response to the uproar about Brad’s wife being fired, either on their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

[Featured Image by Pat Wellenbach/AP Images]