Officer Fired For Ticket To 3-Year-Old Who Urinated On Lawn

An officer was fired for giving a ticket to a 3-year-old who urinated on his lawn.

The officer who was fired, Ken Qualls, issued the ticket to the mother of the 3-year-old boy, Dillan Warden, after the boy unzipped his pants and prepared to urinate in the family’s front lawn, MSN reported. The 18-year veteran of the police force wrote a ticket for a $2,500 fine, which was later dropped.

The ticket for the 3-year-old urinating on the lawn was changed to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which comes with a smaller fine.

The officer who was fired the for 3-year-old’s ticket said he was just doing his job, the man’s attorney said Wednesday. Qualls said he was responding to complaints that someone was urinating on vehicles when he came across Dillan dropping his pants on the family’s lawn, The Oklahoman reported.

Extra patrols had already been sent to the area where the Wardens lived after complaints of loud parties, beer bottles thrown into lawns, and cars being urinated on, Police Chief Alex Oblein confirmed to The Oklahoman.

The attorney for Ken Qualls said that the officer feels let down by the city and police force for failing to stand by him.

“He is disappointed with the city because he put his life on the line for the city every day,” attorney Jarrod Leaman said.

Piedmont Mayor Valerie Thomerson said City Hall fielded more than 200 emails from residents upset over the incident, leading to the officer being fired for giving the ticket to the 3-year-old.