‘Cash Me Outside’ Danielle Bregoli Won’t Date Kodak Black: ‘He’s 19!’

Danielle Bregoli is making headlines once again this time, as she vehemently denies rumors of dating rapper, Kodak Black. The “Cash Me Outside” girl sent the message loud and clear that she’s not into older guys.

On Friday, Danielle Bregoli was spotted leaving the trendy Los Angeles restaurant Catch alongside her mother, Barbara Ann Peskowitz. TMZ caught the mother and daughter duo outside and grilled the “Cash Me Outside” girl about her rumored romantic relationship with rapper Kodak Black.

In the video, Danielle Bregoli was cornered by the reporter and bombarded her with questions about hanging out with rappers especially Kodak Black. The 13-year-old troubled girl was caught off guard by the unexpected question and set the record straight that she has never hung out with the 19-year-old rapper. The “Cash Me Outside” girl also made it clear that she would never consider dating someone older than him.

“I’ve never hung out with Kodak Black – ever! He’s 19!”


It can be recalled that Danielle Bregoli’s famous “Cash Me Outside” line landed her numerous projects including a special appearance in Kodak Black’s music video for his track “Everything 1k.” Kodak Black’s music video featured Danielle Bregoli fiercely standing on top of a white Rolls Royce, sitting in the car while counting her stack of money, and flaunting her grills. At one point, the controversial internet star rapped the line, “Growing up without a father, it’ll make you evil.”


Shortly after working together, Danielle Bregoli posted a controversial clip exposing what many assume was a kiss mark on her neck. The said post triggered rumors linking Kodak Black to the rising star. Danielle Bregoli was quick to dismiss the malicious speculations, claiming that she “has no bae.” However, the fierce teen did admit that she has a crush on the Florida rapper.

Danielle Bregoli’s blunt statement of having no interest in going out with Kodak Black drew various reactions from fans and critics alike. While some admired her strong and confident personality in handling the dating rumors, some were not convinced. One user bluntly commented, “Who is she trying to fool? She has seen more blacks in her than the local prison!” Another user also quipped, “Don’t worry Mr. Kodak Black. You’ll be able to see her on the pole in five years. Bring your coins!”


Aside from Kodak Black’s music video, the “Cash Me Outside” girl was also featured in an unreleased music video by Stitches. The said collaboration caused a stir when Danielle Bregoli and her team cried foul, claiming that she has been tricked to do the said team up without approval. However, Stitches was quick to deny allegations, defending that he was just looking out for the girl.

According to reports, Stitches initially contacted Danielle Bregoli’s team and proposed working together but was eventually rejected. The rapper then allegedly made a bold move and reached out to Danielle Bregoli’s friend and reportedly offered her cash if she convinced the viral sensation to drop by his house.

Apparently, the offer was successful as the “Cash Me Outside” girl and her friend recorded a song and music video with Stitches. However, the teenager’s team claims that Danielle Bregoli was “uncomfortable” while shooting the scenes. They also added that the rapper “exploited her fame” without any form of consent.

Stitches, on the other hand, denied such allegations, making it clear that Danielle Bregoli did want to be part of the project and that he only wants nothing but the best for the young star. It remains unclear whether the controversial music video will be released or not.


Check out “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli as she slammed rumors that she’s dating Kodak Black in the video below.

[Featured Image by Danielle Bregoli/Facebook]