‘Dateline’: Christina Morris Abducted, Murdered By Enrique Arochi, No Body Found

Dateline NBC will profile the devastating case of Christina Morris, a young Texas woman who was abducted from a shopping center in Plano three years ago. Her body was never found. Prosecutors say she was murdered by Enrique Arochi after she possibly rejected his sexual advances. On Dateline’s episode “Taken,” Jonni McElroy, the victim’s mother, will talk about how her daughter’s disappearance has taken a toll on the family. Attorneys and police detectives are also scheduled to take part in the show. Today, Enrique Arochi is serving life in prison.


On Dateline: A Walk In The Dark Turns Deadly

It was August of 2014 when Christina Morris vanished after leaving a get-together at a shopping center in Plano, Texas. It was around 3:30 a.m. when she decided to walk to her vehicle, which was parked in the shopping center’s parking garage. That was the last time anyone had seen her alive. She literally vanished without a trace, and her body was never found.

Family members had no idea that she was missing until they were notified by Christina’s job, who indicated that she had never shown up. Not showing up to work was unlike Christina, and when they tried to contact her, all efforts failed. In a panic, Christina Morris’ mother, Jonni, jumped into action to try to find out what happened to her daughter.

According to Dateline, police detectives were called in, and a search for the missing 23-year-old ensued. Police retraced her steps, starting from when she left the gathering at the Legacy Shops. CCTV surveillance video captured Christina Morris walking to her car during the early morning hours, NBC News reported.

But the video showed something else.

A man was walking alongside her. The man, witnesses say, was 24-year-old Enrique Arochi. His car was also parked in the garage. As soon as Christina Morris’ mother heard that her daughter had to walk in the dark to get her vehicle, it pierced her like a knife. Anyone who knew Christina knew that she was morbidly afraid of the dark. Ever since she was a child, she just felt in her heart that something was going to happen to her, Dateline will show.


Authorities believe that the motive for the abduction and murder was rejection. Investigators learned that Enrique Arochi had been forward in his sexual advances toward Christina Morris, advances that she ultimately rejected.

Instead of being a gentleman and walking the already-afraid-of-the-dark woman to her car, he killed Christina Morris and threw her into the trunk. From there, no one really knows exactly what happened to her.


And there is one more eerie part to this case. According to CW33, prosecutors wondered if Enrique Arochi had some sort of connection to witchcraft based on what they found in his bedroom.

“The jar from Arochi‘s room was filled with some kind of oily substance, smelled of cinnamon, and had torn pieces of paper in it. One investigator says she Googled the characteristics and the search result told her it was related to witchcraft.”

Dateline’s coverage will cover just how cell phone triangulation and DNA evidence helped nail the case for detectives. Enrique Arochi was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.


A Mother’s Obsession

What a sad way to end the night after spending such a wonderful time with friends. On Dateline, Christina Morris’ mother will discuss how not knowing her daughter’s whereabouts is the most painful part of all. She appears to be a grieving mother who is completely consumed by this tragedy.

In addition to Dateline NBC, Jonni McElroy also appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil, where she revealed how this tragedy has affected her marriage. Still, she is a mother who refuses to give up until she has finally brought her daughter home.

Tune into Christina Morris’ story on Dateline this Friday, March 24, at 9/8 p.m. Central on NBC. The Melissa Britt Lewis murder case was featured a few weeks ago on Dateline NBC. Read about that case here.

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