Fox News Pundit Says Food Stamps Are A Great Diet Technique [Video]

Today in “No you didn’t, Fox News!” Andrea Tantaros quipped that she should try living on a food stamp budget because of all the weight she could potentially lose.

Tantaros, a regular co-host on the Fox News program The Five, appeared with Stuart Varney on Fox Business earlier today, and the conversation turned to the subject of food stamps. The program ran a segment on Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker’s pledge to live on food stamps in response to a Twitter follower that suggested he find out what it’s like to live with meager resources.

People on food stamps receive about $133 a month for groceries.

Varney then asked Tantaros if she could possibly live on $133 a month for groceries, and her response seemed to indicate that she didn’t think it was all that unreasonable. In fact, living on food stamps (read: starving) would be a good diet strategy that would help her shed those unsightly pounds the camera tends to add.

“I should try it because do you know how fabulous I’d look?” Tantaros continued, “I’d be so skinny. I mean, the camera adds ten pounds, it really does. I’d be looking great.”

Varney seemed amused by the answer. Pretty funny joke, Andrea. We’ll hand it to you. We’re just not sure the 46 million Americans living on food stamps right now are laughing with you.

Here’s the video of Andrea Tantaros saying that food stamps are a great diet technique: