Netflix Anime U.S. Catalog Has ‘One Punch Man’ Season 1 English-Dubbed And More

Netflix delighted fans of the immensely popular Japanese anime One Punch Man by adding Season 1 of Saitama's legendary fist to its increasing catalog of exclusive anime titles. While One Punch Man is certainly not part of Netflix Originals, the addition does indicate just how serious the digital streaming platform is about anime.

Season 2 of One Punch Man is just around the corner. The series has been repeatedly cited as one of the most popular and visually stunning anime to hit the screen in the last couple of years. The legendary superhero, Saitama, and his even more awesome fist have inspired several funny memes. While the deceptively comical superhero awaits his second season, Netflix has added Season 1 of One Punch Man to its catalog that is being streamed to American audience.

U.S. Netflix confirmed that the popular Superhero is now available on the digital streaming platforms in every version that's out there. In other words, Season 1 of One Punch Man will be available in the original Japanese version with English subtitles as well as the more recent English dubbed one. As the second season of Saitama's adventures is about to begin soon, it might be a right time to binge watch the series to catch up.

While there may not be many anime fans that are unaware of One Punch Man, for those unfamiliar with Saitama, he is one of the most mundane looking person who takes up superhero work. While his outward appearance will never indicate his inner strengths, Saitama is one of the most powerful superheroes. While his carefully crafted, lifeless expression, his amusing bald head, and his rather slender physique is completely unimpressive, when his fist talks, everyone listens.


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In other words, this absolutely average looking guy possesses a superhuman fist that can take down any opponent with a single strike. And that is the unique dilemma faced by Saitama. He is unable to find an opponent that's strong enough to take him on and survive the first punch, let alone the first round.

Saitama's story began as a Japanese superhero parody webcomic created by the author known only as "One." Published way back in 2009, One Punch Man quickly became insanely popular. Exploring a new, unique and quite comical angle in the tried and tested superhero genre, One Punch Man is full of humorous twists about a rather scrawny superhero who is increasingly getting bored by his less than challenging fight against evil. While a traditional superhero awaits villainy and evil crime bosses, Saitama goes out of his way to find a worthy opponent.

Viz Media brought One Punch Man manga to America last year. The anime being acquired for streaming in the U.S. is actually a great deal for anime fans. According to Comic Book, English dubs for shows are usually held by Viz Media for a long time. In other words, increasing interest of Netflix in anime simply means more anime shows could be coming to America through the platform in the near future.

Netflix had recently confirmed that it was producing Godzilla anime, which is a first for the creature that has terrorized humans in more than 60 feature films over the last several decades. Other exclusive anime titles that Netflix will offer, include, AJIN: Demi-Human, Kuromukuro, Magi: Adventure of Sinbad, Blame!, Gantz: O, Little Witch Academia, Cyborg 009 Call of Justice, and Perfect Bones.

[Featured Image by Yusuke Murata/One Punch Man/Viz Media]