One Punch Man Anime Blu-ray/DVD Home Media Pre-Orders And Release Date Confirmed

One Punch Man, an intense but humorous and immensely popular Japanese anime will soon be available on home media, confirmed Viz Media. Pre-orders for the special Blu-ray and DVD sets of the entire first season of the series will begin within a few short weeks.

Viz Media, a prominent company that specializes in the publishing, distribution, entertainment licensing and intellectual copyright management of Japanese anime and manga, delighted fans of One Punch Man by confirming the news about pre-orders for the series’ forthcoming home media release. According to the company, fans will be able to buy the entire Season 1 of One Punch Man starting April 25. Interestingly, the first release of the critically acclaimed anime series will be in multiple combination packs.

Each edition will include the entire first season that narrates the story and dilemma of a strangely super-powerful hero who has an unbelievably effective knockout punch. In other words, all the combinations will feature episodes one to 12. Moreover, the home media will contain both English dubbed and original Japanese (with English subtitled) dialogue selections. According to the publisher, the first release of the anime will debut as a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, a Standard Edition Blu-ray and a Standard Edition DVD set, reported Anime News Network.


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Pre-orders for Season 1 of One Punch Man on home media are currently available from a variety of leading outlets as well as online retailers. Interestingly, a few retailers are offering special gifts with the purchases of the Blu-Ray or DVD sets. is one of the retailers that has confirmed that buyers who buy the One Punch Man Limited Edition Combo Pack are entitled to receive a special gift. Unfortunately, none of the retailers have confirmed what these gifts are. However, considering how common the practice of bundling gifts is, the retailers might include items like posters, key-chains or miniature dolls.

The One Punch Man Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack has a sticker price of $59.99, while the Standard Edition Blu-ray Set has an MSRP of $49.99. Those who are interested in collecting and watching the Standard Edition DVD-only set will have to shell out just $39.99. While the resolution of the series does differ, there are a few special additions in the slightly higher priced editions of One Punch Man.

The One Punch Man Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack contains a deluxe, four-disc collection. This includes two each of the DVDs as well as the Blu-Ray discs. These discs will not only be packaged in an exclusive chipboard box but will also feature specialty printing. The Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack also contains six exclusive OVA anime short clips. These exclusive clips, along with six full-color collectible art cards and a premium full-color booklet featuring episode summaries, character profiles, interviews and more, are limited to the Blu-ray Edition and the Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. All the episodes available on the Blu-Ray discs have been encoded in full HD 1080 resolution. Fortunately, buyers of the Standard Edition Blu-ray will also receive the six exclusive OVA anime shorts.

The Standard DVD Set will have two discs that are said to be packaged in O-card packaging and specialty foil printing that is intricately illustrated. All the episodes on the DVD will be encoded in rather mundane 480p standard video format.

One Punch Man’s protagonist, Saitama, has a rather unique set of super-powers. He can easily knockout anyone who dares oppose him with a single punch. Even the mightiest of opponents are no match to his super powerful knockout punch. The ability poses a unique dilemma to the lead character of One Punch Man.

There have been consistent reports about a sequel to One Punch Man being in the pipeline. Fortunately, the creative team behind the rather offbeat superhero who faces potential boredom has confirmed Season 2 of One Punch Man is underway. However, the team remains quiet about the release date of the sequel to the highly anticipated Japanese anime.

[Featured Image by Yusuke Murata/One Punch Man/Viz Media]

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