New ‘Sesame Street’ Right-Wing Character That Loves ‘Fox News’ Is Fake News Hoax

The article titled “Sesame Street introduces first paranoid right-wing character” is so popular that it has been shared nearly 3,000 times on Facebook. However, the article was published by The Daily Mash, which describes itself as a satirical website that publishes spoof articles, that are all created from the minds of the writers that don’t intend for readers to take the articles as facts.


The article claimed that a new character named “Jimmy the Conspiracy Crab” would be the type of character who was a very conservative Muppet, one that is beyond middle-of-the-road conservatism. The fake piece claimed that Jimmy would have a fondness for Fox News, along with conspiracy theories and harbor a love of guns.

“SOCIALLY inclusive children’s show Sesame Street is to introduce a paranoid right-wing crab who loves guns, Fox News and internet conspiracies. After the introduction of an autistic character, the show felt it should also represent the Americans who believe Obama was worse than Hitler and own assault rifles. A spokesman said: ‘Jimmy the Conspiracy Crab is a muppet in a Trump baseball cap who tells Elmo the Muslims are planning to kill him while he sleeps. He’s violently opposed to any form of gun control and at one point almost blows Big Bird’s head off with an AR-15 assault rifle because he forgot to put the safety catch on and got his claw caught in the trigger guard.”

It’s easy to see where the fake news got the idea for a new character being introduced to Sesame Street, with news recently breaking that the show would introduce a character with autism named Julia. She will be Sesame Street’s first Muppet with autism, reports People. The red-headed character new to Sesame Street will be a powerful one, reports the publication. Julia will be a relatable character that will help child learn how to relate to other about on the autism spectrum. The woman who serves as the puppeteer for Julia called the role “heart-wrenching,” since she has a 13-year-old son on the autism spectrum, and commanding Julia and watching her experiences on the show reminds her of the moments that she didn’t wish her child had to deal with autism.


The fake article even went so far as to call Bert and Ernie, two longtime Sesame Street characters, gay. The article claimed that the right-wing leaning Jimmy used a megaphone to yell at the two characters and call them perverted. The article turned to biblical things when writing about homosexuals, claiming that Jimmy would yell at the Sesame Street characters that would go on to “perish in a lake of liquid fire.” Apparently, the article was trying to incite plenty of wrath with its content, especially with people who don’t realize it’s a fake piece, and with folks who have already accused Sesame Street of being a liberal-themed show.

The piece claimed that the gay content was pretty mild for the Jimmy character in relation to his thoughts about “the Holocaust being a hoax.'”

Continuing, the fake article went on to quote an alleged 5-year-old child named “Nikki Hollis,” who claimed to have watched an episode of Sesame Street that featured Jimmy telling the Cookie Monster about the end of the world. Instead of literally pointing to the Book of Revelation, as reported by Bible Gateway, the fake news report claimed Jimmy warned the Cookie Monster that he would burn in hell for coveting cookies, a fake revelation that made Cookie Monster cry, according to the hoax. However, folks who really watch Sesame Street could easily peg the article as a hoax.

As seen in the top photo above, the Sesame Street “Bernie” character appeared at the Bernie Sanders rally at Washington Square Park on April 13, 2016, in New York City.

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