Do Newly Surfaced Letters Suggest That Princess Diana's Marriage Was Doomed?

A new collection of letters written by Princess Diana to her personal secretary seems to indicate that the princess knew from the start that the marriage to Prince Charles was no fairytale. Even on their honeymoon, Diana indicated that she might have made a big mistake, as Princess Diana and Prince Charles had no chemistry.

Th newly discovered letters, Prince Charles' marriage to his mistress Camilla, and other information have royal watchers wondering how the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles will be portrayed when Netflix The Crown gets around to the 1980s, says the Inquisitr. So far, The Crown has delved deeper into the interpersonal relationships between members of the royal family, so fans of the show can expect that the Princess Diana/Prince Charles relationship won't be whitewashed.

Vanity Fair says that a collection of letters from Princess Diana to her personal secretary, Jane Parsons will soon be auctioned off, but not before they were reviewed for content by the auction house. The letters are said to provide an "intimate" view of the Princess Diana-Prince Charles marriage. In a letter that Princess Diana wrote to Parsons from her honeymoon on the yacht The Royal Britannia, Princess Diana suggested that the trip was good for one thing, and that was catching up on her rest.

"The honeymoon was a perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep…."

The letters indicate that upon the birth of Prince William, Princess Diana received over four thousand baby gifts, and tried to write a thank you for each one, even as gifts kept coming on Princess Diana's 21st birthday. Princess Diana wrote to her secretary that she was feeling overwhelmed, as she was doing all of this on her own without the help of Prince Charles.

"I have never been more confused than on my birthday as presents and telegrams were pouring in for W at KP as well as my own—so at the moment I just seem to be churning out letters!"


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More will soon be aired on television as the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles will be the topic of the show Feud for its second season, says US Weekly. The Ryan Murphy series Feud is currently in its first season, and it is telling the world the story of the roller-coaster relationship of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

The first season of Feud: Bette and Joan and focuses on Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) and Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) battling during the filming of their 1962 camp classic What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Feud: Charles and Diana will run for ten episodes, but it's not clear where in the Princess Diana/Prince Charles relationship the series will start and end.

But Ryan Murphy decided that he wanted to get away from Hollywood and do a relationship that was more historical in nature.

"I think the scope of the show can go back in history and doesn't have to be modern. I would never do another Hollywood woman vs. woman story."

Are you surprised that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a rough relationship from the start?

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