‘This Is Us’ Star Mandy Moore Talks The Big Fight With Jack On Finale

This is Us has quickly become a fan favorite drama and brings many fans to tears weekly with its relatable story lines. Last Tuesday, fans saw the first season finale and it was a biggie. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia took everyone deeper inside their marriage and the troubles that can occur. Mandy is now sharing more with fans on Rebecca and Jack’s incredible, life changing fight and how she personally feels about it.

Who can forget that awful fight between Jack and Mandy’s character, Rebecca, when they both said hateful things to one another? The fight happened after Jack drove to see Rebecca perform while out on tour singing with a band. Rebecca left and took a very drunk Jack home.

Just had dinner with this one. How about that episode tonight? Just wait until next week. #thisisus

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Us Weekly shared details about that big fight that will have fans talking for months and speculating even further about Jack’s death. The finale focused mostly on Moore and Ventimiglia and their once perfect marriage going through a rough patch. Moore reveals she is not happy just being a mother and housewife, while Ventimiglia points out that she is a 40-year-old singing covers in pubs and that is not a real career.

Jack also admits to Rebecca that he is drinking again and has been doing so heavily for awhile. Moore then accused Ventimiglia of conveniently using drinking as an excuse just when she has decided to do something for herself. It was a tense scene for Mandy and Milo, and also for fans.

Mandy spoke out and said that she and Milo kept their distance from each other both figuratively and literally while filming their big fight.

“The vibe on set the next day when we actually went to shoot it was like, I don’t know, it was unlike anything I’ve ever really felt before,” Mandy said. “The crew was handling the scene with kid gloves, but it was also upsetting for everyone to see Jack and Rebecca in this place. Yeah, it was an uncomfortable situation all around for everybody, and I think that tension really permeated the entire set.”

Mandy also says she related more to Rebecca’s side than Jack’s. Mandy felt Rebecca’s desires were not considered valid. Moore went on to say she thinks Jack only saw Rebecca through the lens of a mother and wife.

Mandy admits it will be hard for Jack and Rebecca to recover from the big fight. The morning after the fight, Rebecca told Jack to go stay at Miguel’s for awhile. Mandy also shared that she was shocked Jack didn’t fight to stay there with Rebecca and his children.

“There is a way to find forgiveness, but you never forget those things. We’ve all been in those fights and sometimes things get said and there is no pulling back from it. And they both come to that conclusion the next day; he doesn’t fight for it and she doesn’t fight for it. That line has been crossed, and the only way that there will ever be understanding or some semblance of reconciliation is if they take a breath and get some air, because, oooh, the things that were said were just so ultimately devastating and detrimental to the fabric of a relationship.”

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Moore shared that she related a little too much to the big fight with Jack on a personal level.

“Unfortunately I related a little too closely to that last fight. It really touched bone for me.”

While fans saw Jack and Rebecca’s marriage crumble a little bit, they still did not get answers on how Jack dies. Some fans even felt a bit angry they still did not get the answers they were seeking. Mandy shared a photo on Instagram of herself and Milo.

I stand in awe of this friend of mine. He is the ultimate partner in crime and he absolutely knocked it out of the park on every level in last night's finale. I am the luckiest. Can't believe we have 18 behind us and atleast 36 ahead, Mi. Wow. And for those somehow frustrated with the finale not revealing how Jack passed, I would encourage patience. Otherwise you might be watching the wrong show. Last night was fundamental to the bigger picture. The story deviated and ultimately landed on (I think) a more compelling question... what was the state of this relationship in the end? And as Milo so eloquently stated, let's focus on how the man lived! Stay tuned cause it's all leading somewhere and we're just getting started.

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There has been no release date for Season 2 of This is Us, but the beloved show has already been guaranteed Seasons 2 and 3. Hopefully fans will learn the fate of Jack and their marriage during Season 2. Stay tuned for more news and upcoming spoilers from Mandy and this amazing cast.

This is Us can be seen on NBC on Tuesday nights.

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