Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Signed Contracts To Not Spill Scientology Secrets

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce happened almost five years ago, but it still manages to create a buzz. The involvement of Church of Scientology in popularly called TomKat duo is intriguing.

According to Romper, Tony Ortega, who runs the Scientology-based blog The Underground Bunker, spilled a few years back that there is no surety if there was some marriage contract signed between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. However, Holmes reportedly had signed a non-disclosure agreement when she started to date the Mission Impossible star.

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“Several young women were vetted by the church and ‘tried out’ as Tom’s next wife before Katie Holmes was chosen… [Non-disclosure agreement] standard procedure in the church.”

Apparently, there were many different agreements involved before Holmes dated Cruise. She was the only one among all of the women tried out, who appreciated and embraced Scientology. In an in-depth report by the Huffington Post, it is mentioned that the Church of Scientology helped the Mission Impossible star to meet his future wife after he had split with Nicole Kidman.

One of the sources of the website revealed that Katie might also be tied to not reveal any secrets of Scientology and their practices. Reportedly, she knew what she was getting into when The Kennedys actress started dating Cruise.

“Does [Cruise] have people who date him sign non-disclosure agreements? I don’t know for a fact, but it wouldn’t surprise me, as I’m sure a lot of high-profile celebrities do this. Does that mean it’s a marriage contract? Absolutely not. Do I think Katie is legally bound not to tell certain things? Probably.”

Katie started following Scientology when the two started dating and soon delivered Suri under the supervision of church practice called silent birth. There were rumors that Holmes was paid to get married to Cruise, which is completely untrue. There have never been any supporting comments by official representatives.

Holmes filed for divorce in July 2012, and stopped making public appearances with her ex-husband a month prior to the announcement. She took sole custody of daughter Suri Cruise. According to past reports, the 38-year-old actress feared the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise. Soon after her divorce, she started going to Catholic Church.

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Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini had also made a few bizarre revelations about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s relationship. According to Entertainment Tonight, Remini revealed that she was asked to invite her high-profile friends including Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to TomKat’s wedding. She also said that Holmes made Cruise wait a long time at the altar, making the situation awkward.

Leah further said that Holmes even accused her of setting a poor example at her wedding party. Holmes apparently asked Leah to make amends.

“I spent $2,000 on framing the invitation and other mementos from the Cruise wedding in a picture box for Katie.”

In a later comment, Holmes apologized for her past behavior towards Leah Remini and wished her luck for her future. Cruise remained single after his divorce from the Dawson’s Creek actress. However, it is said that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are allegedly dating. Both actors have never officially acknowledged their relationship.

In a recent interview with Town & Country Magazine, Holmes revealed that she does not hide from daughter Suri. All of the tabloid stories and rumors are not true and her family knows this.

“To experience something publicly and privately is a lot for a person to go through. In today’s world a lot of celebrities probably shield their children from the tabloids; in my household we know what they print isn’t true, so we don’t pay attention. There are more important things. But it’s very relatable to me; if people know who you are, they might write about you, and you can’t control that.”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have come a long way since their divorce, but Scientology controversies do not seem to die out. Meanwhile, Cruise is busy preparing for new movies from The Mummy and Mission Impossible franchises, and Holmes is keeping busy by shooting for The Kennedys: After Camelot and Logan Lucky.

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