April The Giraffe Updates: Calf ‘Calming Down,’ AAP Warning On Giraffe Cam Use

April The Giraffe Updates: Calf 'Calming Down', AAP Warning On Giraffe Cam Use

The Animal Adventure Park’s new April the Giraffe update doesn’t say much, but it does confirm that the 15-year-old female giraffe might not be too far away from giving birth to her fourth calf.

As the Inquisitr wrote yesterday, a great deal of us has caught “April the Giraffe syndrome,” thanks to the Animal Adventure Park’s constant and consistent updates as well as its live giraffe cam. And while there have been some reports speculating that it’s all part of an elaborate April Fool’s joke, especially considering the giraffe’s name, the Inquisitr wrote that there’s been enough proof and corroborating evidence to show that April is indeed pregnant as she and her “baby daddy” Oliver expect a baby giraffe – April’s fourth, and the much younger Oliver’s first.

Still, the long wait for April the Giraffe to give birth has spawned a plethora of memes since the giraffe cam first went live last month. According to Hollywood Life, these memes included a particularly clever one depicting Rose from the movie Titanic as an old woman, with the accompanying message “It’s been 84 years” and caption “Me waiting for April the Giraffe to have her baby.” And all this interest in April the Giraffe updates has said a lot about our nature as people to be interested in how the “circle of life” works within the animal kingdom, as most of us may never get to experience this live and in person, wrote Mother Nature Network.

So how’s April been doing recently? As of this morning, Animal Adventure Park has noted that April’s calf has been “calming down,” with April “carrying everything a bit towards the rear.” The wax caps previously observed earlier in the week are still where they are, while her appetite remains quite healthy as of the moment.

All told, the latest April the Giraffe update appears to be a very positive one, and everything seems to be gearing up well for the calf’s imminent birth.

“This is exactly what we want!”

While many people around the world may be getting impatient for April the Giraffe to give birth, other recent updates do suggest that the wait might not be that much longer. Yesterday afternoon, Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch and park veterinarian “Dr. Tim” went to check on April, and that had, according to the zoo’s Facebook page, “led many to believe ‘something was happening.'” A few hours prior, the giraffe’s belly was “very low and egg-shaped,” but it had shifted to a higher and tighter carry, with back and swell nearly doubling to the levels observed earlier in the week. All these were cited as good signs that point to April the Giraffe giving birth in the coming days.

With the continuing stream of April the Giraffe updates and news reports, Animal Adventure Park also issued a “clear the air” statement as part of last night’s update, sternly warning anyone against using its giraffe cam in real-time, or for re-streaming or the posting of still photos on YouTube, social media networks, or websites.

“Bonafide News agencies that have reached out, have been given a written release to use the stream in real-time on their social media platforms, but are also restricted from recording and reusing content.”

Furthermore, Animal Adventure Park noted that there has been “significant fraud and misinterpretation” ongoing in conjunction with its giraffe cam, hence the need to clear the proverbial air.

“Victims are reaching out to us after being taken advantage of on unauthorized YouTube streams. It’s saddening. Our hand has been forced to begin to take back control of all content, and go back to our one and only authorized live video – viewable at www.aprilthegiraffe.com.”

As always, we’ll be on standby with April the Giraffe updates, reports, and other information on the Animal Adventure Park’s unlikely viral sensation.

[Featured Image by Fotografie Kuhlmann/Shutterstock]